What happened when I did yoga every day for a month

It was the first Bank Holiday Monday in May when I met up with my friend Colette back in Bristol for an early morning yoga session at Trika Yoga, followed by a healthy brekkie. During the stretching session, I looked around and noticed that I had the flexibility of a 50-year-old compared to these super-supple pros. As they were effortlessly gliding into each pose, I found myself busting a gut just to look remotely normal. Despite the fact that I felt very amateur, the teacher was encouraging and I left the class feeling a new-found sense of determination. What if I did yoga every day? Would I be able to bend like them? Maybe one day I’d be as good as Monika? (I highly doubt that).

With no real goal in mind as anything would be an improvement, I pledged to myself that I would do a simple stretching routine each and every day for a month to see if it made a difference. I spent only 5-10 minutes every day working on mainly my hamstring and hip flexibility and here’s what happened:

The before and after clearly shows the improvement in my flexibility, and as well as that, I found the stretching sessions great for clearing my mind for the day ahead. Strangely, I found that my body quickly got used to stretching in the mornings, and now if I don’t (sometimes I forget and do an evening session instead) by body actually feels even tighter! Now I can see the results, I want to work on my flexibility even more. Let’s see if I keep it up…

Got any yogi inspo? Or top tips for stretching? Please send my way!

R x

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