8 reasons why I’m obsessed with Love Island

I’ve been waiting this moment for what feels like an eternity – okay, since the end of the last series. But it’s finally time for Love Island to make a triumphant return to our screens. Here’s why this hit reality show gets my seal of approval…

1. It gets me in the summer spirit.
Seeing sun-soaked Majorca and endless amounts of bronze beauties makes me mega-excited about my upcoming holibobs. So, just consider that if you don’t already have a holiday booked, you will have by the end of the season.


2. It simplifies my social schedule.

It gives me the perfect excuse to head home and be in full on chill-out mode by 9pm. No late night gym sessions, no sociable plans and absolutely no excuses!

3. It makes me feel good about myself.
Whether it’s someone not knowing a piece of basic geography or someone else having a full on row with their partner, it’s the best show to make you realise that we’re all only human.

4. It gives me fresh meat to follow on Instagram.
And funnily enough, I don’t mean lusting over the puffed-up chests of the guys, I usually mean fan-girling over one of the beach babes. C’mon, it’s got to be done!

My face when I realise I won’t be home in time for the start of Love Island:

5. It requires limited brain power.
Not like a complex film or the hard-hitting news, every night when I switch on ITV2 I can be sure that my grey matter isn’t going to be exercised too intensely. And quite frankly, after a full-on day at work, that’s just what I need.


6. It gives me serious gym motivation.
Those bods are another level of fabulous and it gives me a (albeit ambitious) goal to work towards. Although, rather ironically, because of my Love Island watching commitment, I actually don’t have time for extra gym sessions. Epic fail.

7. It creates some hilarious memes.
Last year there was angry Jonny, crying Craig and Amber with her brilliant eye rolls, which made way for a whole load of fantastic memes.

8. It shows you who your true friends are.
If you’re not watching Love island then don’t even talk/What’s App/text/Tweet/Facebook/call/telegram me until the series is over (and the two week withdrawal/mourning phase is complete). I really don’t understand you as a person and I’ll have to analyse whether we can ever be friends again.

How i’ll feel when it’s all over:


So here’s to a whole summer of frivolity and fun (well not for us personally, but I’m happy to observe from the comfort of my pjs).

R x


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