Hot Pod Yoga Class Review

Hey guys and gals,

Now, I’m not really a yogi – well, far from it actually. I can only just about touch my toes. Case in point. However, I do really enjoy a good yoga session, so when I saw Hot Pod Yoga on Instagram I thought I’d give it a go.

It was a chilly day when I embarked on my first ever hot yoga class in Notting Hill. But I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was warm. It was called HOT pod yoga after all and I was instructed to bring a towel, so I already expected a very sweaty one. As I bundled into the studio and shedded my winter layers, I noticed the huge inflatable pod. Ah, hot POD yoga.

I could see that people were already in position, carrying out some pre-session stretches on their mats, so I took the plunge and headed on into the pod. I was hit with a wall of heat and humidity. All I could think was, ‘how the hell am I going to survive one hour in here?!’. I decided to step back out for a breather (yes, before the class had even begun!) and I waited for the teacher to round-up the few final stragglers before I braved the pod again.

The teacher eased us in nicely with a few breathing techniques and gentle stretches before we preformed our vinyasas. Now this is where I really began to sweat. The heat built up as I worked through the moves and by the time we were asked to hold a steady lunge, there were beads of sweat congregating on my head.


The instructor was really great at encouraging us to take breaks whenever we needed though. Giving us the option of having a water break, taking a breather in child’s pose or choosing to perform our own set of stretches.

The next part of the session included core moves and balances. Now I really had a sweat on. My advice? Bring a secondary towel to mop your brow occasionally.

The session ended in shavasana – a yoga pose where you lie flat on your back, close your eyes and fully relax. Now, surprisingly, this is one of the hardest bits. Actually clearing your mind and just focusing on your breath is a lot more difficult than holding a plank or performing a downward dog – trust me!


When it was announced that the class was over, I actually felt disappointed – I wanted it to last a little longer. Yes, me who couldn’t bear the thought of going in in the first place!!!


After my initial session, I went back for another two classes and each time I had a different teacher. Although each of them took different approaches, they were all SO great. Really friendly, helpful and non-judgemental – which is exactly what you need when you are a non-yogi like me.

I used the £15 trial offer for seven days unlimited classes at Hot Pod Yoga. It’s such great value for a yoga studio and worth taking advantage of.


R x

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