Spa Review: Elements Boutique Spa, Somerset

Hey guys,

I recently visited Elements Boutique Spa in Somerset and absolutely loved it, so I thought I would share my experience will y’all.

When I was added to the obligatory Whatsapp group for my friend Lizzie’s hen do, I awaited the plan devised by the bridesmaids to celebrate her bride-to-be status. Liz is one of the most chilled out gals I know, so I knew a spa would be right up her street. A link to Boutique Elements Spa in Somerset was sent round and I actually had never heard of it before. It turns out the spa is pretty new, hence why it didn’t ring a bell, but as soon as I saw the pictures on their website, I began to get very excited! Living my busy old life in London Town, a break to the countryside for a spot of rest and relaxation was more than welcome. Here’s exactly what went on during our day at the spa…

6:45am – Early start

My alarm goes off at this not-so-friendly hour (painfully it’s even 15mins earlier than I’d usually get up for work), but the thought of the spa gets me up and packed.

8:15am – Hens on tour

We all congregate at one house, ready to drive to the spa in a convoy. The spa is around an hour away by car, located in-between Glastonbury and Bridgwater.

9:30am – Exclusive access

We take the turning for the spa and are instantly impressed with it. The striking building is perched on a grassy plain with fields surrounding it – it’s like a secret oasis in the middle of the countryside. The staff welcome us in with beaming smiles as we admire the pristine decor. You can tell every inch of the spa has been designed by an interiors pro – it’s utterly beautiful and great for the gram! It’s here that we are informed that with a party of this size, we have exclusive use of the spa. Which is great news as there’s nothing worse than wanting to take a cute posing-in-the-pool kinda pic and some random couple or old person giving you evils.


10am – Hotting up

Once we had faffed around ooooing and ahhhing at the place, we get changed ready to use the facilities. There’s a sauna, steam room, experience shower and plunge pool. What the hell is an experience shower I hear you ask? Well, it’s a fancy shower with lots of different jets and lights. I, however, much preferred the dry heat of the sauna – dreamy!

12pm – Massage O’clock 

It’s treatment time for me and I can’t wait to get my tight shoulders loosened up. The therapist greets me with a friendly handshake and sits me down to talk about my ‘Muscle Release Massage’ treatment. I explain that I’ve got a dodgy shoulder and my back is always tense thanks to my desk job and a love for working out.


The experience begins with a mini foot cleanse – I don’t know why that’s a thing that happens pre-massage, but I’m more than happy to have a nice little flannel over my tootsies. Then, the therapist first applies a cooling gel that penetrates into the muscles before adding the oil and starting to get to work.

Once the muscles are warmed up, she goes in a little harder, targeting the knots in my shoulders and she also discovers the muscle that supports my spine is rather tender and tight. During the treatment, she brings out the elbows to get in a little deeper – it’s one of those things (a bit like an intense workout) where you know it’s good for you but it doesn’t make it any easier. I managed to breathe through the pain and although she did check in with me regularly about the level of pressure, I knew it was a case of the harder (ahem) the better.

1pm – Hungry hens

After my treatment was over, it was time for us all to have lunch – which was a good job really as all of that lying down had meant that I worked up a real appetite! Our Italian-style platters and a glass of Prosecco were served in what they like to call ‘the hobbit hut’ – a super-cute hut at the top of the field, complete with seats and a log burner. It was sooooo cosy. We of course had to pose for the standard hen do snap in our robes before tucking into the nibbles. Honestly pizza and pampering has to be a dream combo!


2pm – Afternoon bliss

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing the pool, sauna and steam room circuit – and I also chilled out for a bit in the ‘relaxation room’ where you can read, relax and have a cup of tea.

4:30pm – Home time

After we had showered and put ourselves back together (hairdryers and straighteners are on hand at the spa) it was time for us to say goodbye to our little sanctuary.

So, if you’re looking for a spa day location in the South West, I’d highly recommend this secluded spot. The really friendly staff and high-spec facilities are great and it’s great value for money too! FYI this post was not paid or sponsored in any way, I just really loved the spa that much that I wanted to share.

R x 

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