The At-Home Workouts I’ll Be Doing During Lockdown

Hi guys and girls,

I hope you are all well and staying indoors as much as you possibly can. While we are confined to our homes, it means we are unable to attend our usual gym classes, but that does not mean you have to pack in your fitness plan altogether. At present, the government says you can go outside for a walk or run, but there is also plenty of fitness fun to be had inside your own home. With so many companies live streaming workouts or giving away access to online videos, now is the perfect time to move your coffee table, pull on your lycra, and get a sweat on in your living room. Here are the classes I’ll be doing during lockdown…

Core Power Yoga

I’m a big fan of yoga, but I’ll be honest and say that sometimes I find online yoga videos a little bit dull and boring – and have to resist temptation not to fast forward to the good stuff. However, I tried a Core Power Yoga class (the lengthen and extend one to be exact) and it was fabulous! The teacher was really engaging – and it actually felt like I was partaking in the class with them.

Price: Free


RWL have been really good at putting up Instagram Lives for people to join in with during this strange time when we are all holed up in our homes. From boxercise to kettlebells, they cover a range of workouts so you are bound to find one to suit you. And what’s super-handy is that the videos stay up for 24hours – so even if you aren’t free to sweat it out when they are actually live, you can always catch up afterwards. I really enjoyed their legs bums and tums class and I’m hoping to try something different next time!

Price: Free



Barry’s Bootcamp was on my fitness to-do list for a while – and thanks to their new Instagram Live classes, it was a chance to dip my toe into the (rather scary, super-hardcore) waters of Barry’s. I was expecting burpees, press-ups and squats and that’s exactly what I got. It was a nice little sweat sesh to kick start my morning – and I’m planning to tune in for more in the coming weeks. My only reservation is the very real possibility that I could crash into my neighbour’s flat below at any time. Just one overzealous move is all it takes…

Price: Free


I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never actually tried any of their classes before, but again, this is another studio that has been on my fitness hit list for a little while. I am keen to try one of their barre or flow classes that they stream on Instagram Live.

Price: Free

Hot Pod Yoga

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed me mention Hot Pod Yoga before. I really love their teachers and the flows are always great. One thing that’s unique and exciting about HPY is the experience of being in a huge, inflated, heated pod – and although it won’t be quite the same when tuning in from home, I’m planning on cranking up the heating and turning down the lights to get in the zone.

Price: Donation


I stumbled across POPSUGAR Fitness when I simply searched for ‘barre workout’ on YouTube and boy was I glad to find it. What I really love about barre classes is that it’s the smallest and simplest moves that make the biggest difference. With a very enthusiastic coach and some challenging moves, the burn was real! What it comes to barre, the more your muscles burn and shake – the better.

Price: Free

Good luck with your at-home workouts. Let me know how you get on in the comment section below!

R x

P.s wash your hands!

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12 Replies to “The At-Home Workouts I’ll Be Doing During Lockdown”

  1. I regret to say I am not as fit and motivated and I think I have literally been stuffing my face with snacks, but I really like the idea of Core Power Yoga. I wanted to try Yoga anyway but that actually sounds really fun!

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  2. This is great, doing what you can with what you have.

    Plenty of opportunities from COVID, from financial to self!growth. I’ve shared a few recently.
    I’m glad to see you making the most of it.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ˜„

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