A thank you to my Instagram husband

Hi lovelies,

As much as my boyf Arthur rolls his eyes every time I want to do something for the gram, he now recognises that 1. It makes me happy (yes, I know I’m lame, but it’s true) 2. It’s an important part of promoting my blog and 3. The quicker he takes the pic, the quicker he can get on with the rest of his day (e.g playing FIFA, generally lazing around etc). I’m writing this blog post as a way of thanking him for supporting my Instagram habit and to shout out to all of the other long-standing suffering boyfriends out there. 

Thank you for being observant 

I often give Arthur the pre-shoot brief (because I’m nice like that), so he’ll already know what sort of picture I want and key things to look out for. But he’s now pretty good at noticing little things off his own back when we are mid-shoot. The regular things usually being “you look moody in that one” or “you won’t like your legs like that”. Thank you for being my one, my only… my mirror. 

Thank you for being easily bribed 

It generally helps if your Insta buddy has something that they equally enjoy doing so you can return the favour. If, like Arthur their pastime (of playing the Playstation) doesn’t really involve you, then you can always bribe them with food. I’ve found it works a treat. Literally. 


Thank you for being ever-so patient 

From holding back those salivating tastebuds until I’ve snapped a plate of food right through to spending endless amounts of time getting ‘the shot’, you, my friend, have the patience of a saint. But when those likes come rolling in, it’ll be worth every painstaking minute, right? 

Thank you for not being embarrassed

Cracking out the poses on a busy London street could be considered quite brave, but not just for the vain Insta wannabe (*ahem* that’s me). The assistant themselves usually attracts quite a bit of attention too. The occasional glare, tut or even look of sympathy. He’s always prepared to take all of this unwanted attention in his stride. Legend.


Thank you for being flexible

To get that killer pic, your Insta husband needs to be really flexible – and I don’t just mean literally (when he has to lower to the ground to get that “my legs are so long” kinda pic). No, what I mean is flexible enough to fit into your Insta schedule. You may need to arrive outside of Annabel’s before the tourists have descended, or you may need to scrap all plans to shoot outside a tube station due to overcrowding. Either way, flexibility is a very welcomed trait that Arthur has in abundance.

Let’s ask ourselves, where exactly would we be without their amazing support? Probably stood on a pretty street somewhere, trying to master the self-timer function. Thank you Insta-husbands – we salute you!

Now, after all of that, you probably want to follow me on Instagram, right? If only to commend Arthur on his handiwork…

R x

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