Most Instagrammable places in West London

If you’re anything like me, you’re always keeping an eye out for that perfect Insta spot. I thought I would put together a blog post about my favourite photography locations in the west of London. Why the west? Because west is best, obvs… Only joking – I decided to narrow it down because I’m a Shepherd’s Bush resident and West London is the area of London that I know the best. Plus, there are some really beautiful places around here that just need to be shared!

Holland Park

Hyde park might bag the crown for size, but variety is definitely Holland Park’s USP. The whole place is like a maze – but the kind of beautiful maze that you don’t actually mind getting lost in. From the tranquil Japanese Garden to the colourful tulip beds, there are so many stunning places to explore. And make sure that you keep an eye out for the resident squirrels and peacocks to snap a candid pic or two.


Notting Hill

You can’t walk through Notting Hill without seeing a blogger (or five) on an Instagram photoshoot. It’s a cliche, but a beautiful one. Those iconic pastel houses just speak for themselves. Once you’re finished posing outside of someone else’s super-pretty front door, explore Portobello Road market for other Insta-worthy angles (…and you can pick up some great fashion gems in the nearby shops, too).


Brook Green

This affluent area of West London is home to some rather beautiful streets. I could spend all day wandering round here, capturing pictures of cherry blossom trees and dream houses. After a morning of snapping and posing, head to Mustard or The Corner House on Shepherd’s Bush Road for a spot of brunch – both highly recommended!



Okay, hear me out… I’m not saying you should take your best camera and head off for a day at the Kings Mall, however my housemate showed me a lovely little running route that goes past Hammersmith Bridge and every time I run that route now I think to myself ‘wow – this is pretty beaut’. So last time I was jogging along by the river, I took a welcomed rest stop to take some lovely pics. If you aren’t into running, you can take in the same pretty views from the many riverside pubs that are scattered along the water.


I’ll be on the lookout for more West London hotspots, but in the meantime, feel free to comment with your suggestions.

R x

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