Datemakers review: Aerial silks class in Bristol

Although I’m currently living the London dream, my hometown of Bristol holds a big place in my heart and I’ll probably return there one day to settle down. The reason I love Bristol so much is that there’s always something fun to do, no matter your tastes or what mood you are in. However, despite there being a shed-load of fabulous things to do in Bristol, sometimes you just can’t think of any ideas for date night. But the clever folks at Datemakers have done all of the hard work for you…

Datemakers have collated a whole host of super-fun date ideas – everything from cookery classes and cocktail making to paddle boarding and mountain biking. You simply log on, browse the categories, and then choose your dream date. This is ideal if you’re planning a first date and you’re stuck for ideas – trust me, your Tinder match will be seriously impressed! But it’s also a great way to spice up your monthly date nights. You and your partner can take it in turns to surprise each other with a Datemakers date. Sounds fun, right?

I spent sooooo long on the site deliberating about which activity to choose, but eventually I opted for aerial silk skills. Yes, those things you see in the circus when an acrobat defies gravity and suspends themselves using just two piece of material. Trust me, it sounded like a good idea at the time…

My partner was conveniently busy that day (scared of the silks probs) but my bestie Grace was happy to give it a go. Proving these could also be mates dates as well as the romantic kind.

We met the lovely Rada at The Island in Bristol ready for our class and her infectious energy soon made any nerves we had melt away. After a warm up, she demonstrated some of the impressive moves for us to aspire to.

IMG_7925.JPGRada showing us how it’s done!

But first, you have the learn the basics. I’ll be honest with you, just mastering how to climb up the silks unaided is a mission. But with Rada’s guidance (and patience) we both managed it!


IMG_7855.JPGUs learning the ropes (okay, silks)
IMG_1671.JPGC’mon arms, don’t fail me now!

Then we took it in turns to try some more complex moves like the hip lock. We were far from circus-standard, but we had such a laugh giving it a go. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for a first date – just because I pulled all sorts of dodgy faces and broke into a bit of a sweat while getting into some of the moves. However, if you’re comfortable with your partner and want to learn a new skill together while having a giggle then this one is definitely for you!

IMG_1677.JPGGrace up in the air!
Me looking rather smug (despite only being 1ft off the ground)

Other dates to consider – a tandem bike ride around the city or visiting the alpacas – these are both on my to-do list! I also spotted on the Datemakers website that gift cards are available too and dare I mention the C word… yes, CHRISTMAS is just around the corner. Such a fab gift idea.

To check out their date ideas >>>>

R x

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