My highlights of 2018

Hello to all of my lovely blog followers,

As I’ve now finished work now for 2018 and we are well on the countdown to CHRISTMASSSSS, I thought I would go back through the year and share with you some of my fave moments (and fave blog posts).


You know the whole ‘new year, new me’ motto? Well, for me it was new year, new eyebrows… I had microbladed brows once before, so I already knew what to expect. I wasn’t nervous or worried, I was just excited! It was for a review for a magazine I used to work for and here’s how I got on. As well as getting fabulous new brows, another highlight of this usually miserable month was going to see Kinky Boots at the theatre – Rachel definitely recommends! It’s ace.


Paying a visit to Tonight Josephine made my February rather fab. Getting a snap of the Insta-famous sign AND having all of my cocktail dreams come true in the form of a Pornstar Martini tower has ensured that this place features on my list of top cocktail bars in London.


In March, I battled the freak snow storm to make my way to the airport and jet off to Vietnam on a work trip. It’s unlike anywhere else in the world I’ve ever been, and the mix of the beach and the city makes it the perfect holiday destination. I also feel very lucky to have seen it before it becomes over commercialised, as I’m sure more and more tourists will descend on the country soon.


The blog was born! It was April 2018 when I took the plunge and set my blog live. So yes, it was a pretty exciting time for me. Here are some of my first ever blog posts:



We can’t reminisce about May 2018 without a nod to the royal wedding. I headed back to Bristol that weekend and watched every gripping moment on the TV – with a champers in hand! May wasn’t all fun and games though, I also used my time wisely on a mission to get more flexible. Here’s how I got on:


June saw me go on my first ever trip to Greece and what better place to start than sunny Mykonos. I had heard great things about the island – amazing beaches, clear waters and a buzzing nightlife. It was a half work half pleasure trip so Arthur and I didn’t hit the clubs, but we can vouch for the other two things – the place is beautiful. I didn’t have time to have any holiday blues when I returned, as within days Arthur moved to London and we moved into our first flat together.



This year was a busy one for work trips and this time I was lucky enough to go to Africa! We visited both Zambia and Mozambique and the trip included some of the most memorable ‘pinch me’ moments of my life – like going on a microlight flight over the Victoria Falls and seeing giraffes being fed in the wild. I still can’t quite believe that these pictures were once a reality!

Before July was out I also found time to do my bit for charity and have 11 inches chopped off my hair for The Princess Trust! Check out the chop here.


When I was away in Africa, it was actually warmer back in England – typical! And the blissful weather continued long into August. When my bestie came to visit me in London for the weekend, we made the most of the heatwave: riverside drinks, a picnic in Battersea park and a day in Notting Hill. Dream weekend!


In September, me and Grace embarked on a Aerial silks class in Bristol, organised through Datemakers. It was so much fun to learn a new skill and work up a sweat, but boy was it hard! I have a new-found appreciation for circus performers because even simply climbing the silks was a task! You can read all about the class and more about Datemakers here.


The 1st October was a very exciting day indeed for me. A brand new month and a brand new job! I had worked in my previous company for five years so it was a big change for me, but I knew I was ready to take on a swanky new job in the heart of the city. I still have to pinch myself when I leave work and look across at the London Eye!


November is always pretty epic as it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Some of my friends from Bristol came to London to visit and we had the best weekend filled with cocktails, karaoke and a whole lot of laughs. Another highlight this month was meeting Lydia Millen – I went with my friend Monika to a meet and greet at Astrid & Miyu, where we both also got ear piercings!

Another huge high was when, just six weeks in to my new role, I was whisked off to Malta to visit the company’s head office. I managed to tag on some downtime to explore the island – which is soooo beautiful by the way. I’m already planning a return visit with Arthur in tow.


The first weekend of December was a very exciting one. We got our first Christmas tree together (can I get an awwwww?) and then we spent a night at Corinthia London. With a generous employee rate, we were able to sample how the other half live. Tele in the bath, an amazing waterfall shower and a spa that you never want to leave!

Another December high was when we descended on Winter Wonderland when some of my Bristol family came to visit. It was a wet and windy one, but still pretty ace.

Wow – I wasn’t expecting that to be such a long blog post! I guess I’ve had a pretty awesome year. Here’s to another year of amazing adventures with fabulous friends and family!

R x

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