Who I follow on Instagram

For me, Instagram is where I get a lot of my inspiration. Whether it be fashion trends, beauty products or fitness routines. The saved tab has really changed the game for me, now I can see something I like, and easily store it to look at properly later (I do this a lot with hairstyle inspo). Here are some of the amazing accounts that I follow.

For fitness…



Krissy’s feed is my go-to place to get me feeling inspired to work out. Her rock hard abs, incredible arms and, dare I say, perfect bum are three of the reasons I follow her (hello massive girl crush), but as well as that, she provides fab workout videos and honest gym gear reviews. Above everything else, she’s always really positive, excited and happy on her Instagram stories and I think surrounding yourself with positive people (even online) can only be a good thing for your attitude.



Frankie really inspires me – mainly because she’s really relatable. She has an incredible figure, but she’s realistic and her lifestyle is somewhat achievable. She doesn’t spend every single day slogging it out in the gym, but when she does work out, she goes hard. She’s a real girl with a real life and sometimes she falls of the wagon just like me (although she goes for one binge pizza and I inhale everything in sight, but still).

For fashion…



You know when it gets to the stage that you hesitate about liking a photo merely because you like every. single. photo. of someone’s and you start to feel a little obsessed. Yeah, that’s what happens here. If I could get me a whole wardrobe full of Sophie Milner’s clothes, I’d be soooooo happy. I’ve also started listening to her podcast Keeping it Candid and it turns out she’s pretty clever and funny as well as rather beaut. Is there anything this girl can’t do?



Emma’s Instagram feed oozes effortless style (it’s the kinda look I try, and mostly fail, to emulate). She’s a fan of a good blazer and in winter, her coat selection is on point! I go to this feed to get inspiration on how to curate an outfit. I think I may have started rocking the t-shirt blazer combo thanks to this girl you know.

For beauty…



As much as I’d want Lydia’s entire life… I’d happily settle just for her skin. It’s always so incredibly glowy and mine NEVER is. I love watching her skincare and beauty routines as they are so good and really informative. And I like that she’s not afraid to critique something, even if everyone else is raving about it.

For hair…



Just one look at Negin’s feed is all you need to fall in love. Her gorgeous flowing locks are literally perfect and as my hair is a similar length and colour I do try and re-create her iconic curls – maybe one day they’ll be as picture-perfect as hers!

For places…



Since moving to London five months ago this account has been my bible of beautiful sights. From Peggy Porschen and The Ivy to Aubaine and Sketch, this feed has all of the Instagrammer havens right in one place.



More recently, I came across this instagram feed and it’s very similar to Pretty Little London, except that it actually has a person in the pics and I quite like to look at pictures of people in these iconic spots, so I can take inspiration for my own future poses 😉

Let me know if there’s anyone amazing that you recommend I follow, but in the meantime, I’m off for an Insta-scroll…

R x

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