11 Things I’ve Learnt Since Moving to London

1. You’ll NEVER run out of places to brunch

Even if you devour avo and eggs on toast every day for the next year, there would still be a new fancy pop-up with boho interiors that needs ticking off the list.

2. Savings are a thing of the past

If you’ve still got a decent amount money left after rent it’s a real bonus. The remainder will then get used up on £10 cocktails, Leon lunches and travelling on the tube. But, you’re living the London dream so who cares?

3. Drinking everyday of the week is completely normal.

Difficult Monday? Cheeky wine with dinner. Survived Tuesday? Cocktails with the girls. Hump day? It would be rude not to… you see the pattern.

4. No one carries cash. Ever.

Honestly, people here would expect a street busker to have a card reader these days.


5. Everyone lives for rooftop bars

There’s so much buzz about London in the summer that I just can’t wait to experience it. I suppose if you are going to be stuck in a sweaty city office all day long, a breeze, a view and a cold beer is going to sound like heaven.

6. People wear their insufferable commute as a badge of honour

“I have to brave the Piccadilly line at 7am”… “well I take two trains, two tubes and a small water taxi just to get to work everyday.”

7. Trainers are your new best friend

A normal day in London involves A LOT of walking – even if it is just up and down those tube stairs. You’ll always see me in a pair of flats, but be assured my killer heels are firmly in my tote ready for an ultra-glam tube change last minute.

8. You won’t ever crack a smile on the tube

As much as I was determined to project my friendly West-country self onto the plague of miserable commuters on the underground, it was a mere week before I adopted the stern London demeanour (i.e resting bitch face and a lack of eye contact).

9. City mapper is your new best friend

It makes travelling around London so much easier – it tells you if it’s quicker to catch the bus rather than the tube and even lets you know which tube carriage to get on for a swift exit. Life. Saver!


10. You will need ninja-like skills just to navigate the pavements

There are people literally everywhere, at all times of the day, and when someone stops suddenly in front of you (usually a tourist ready to take a pic) then you’re gonna need fast reactions to dodge them. And don’t get me started on running in the city…

11. It really is as fun as everyone says

After-work drinks, cool pop-up restaurants, Saturday market shopping, London is the epicentre of everything super-fun.

R x 

P.s Soz Bristol, I still love ya!

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