Cool Cocktail Bars in London

London isn’t short of bars, so if you are seeking a special spot for a cocktail or two, you are in luck. Here are some of my favourite cocktail bars in the city to try when you’re in town…

Tonight Josephine, Waterloo

An Instagrammers dream! Everything from the millennial pink decor to the ulta-cool neon signage. I didn’t know where to snap first. After all of my social media needs were met, we made our way through the crowds of girls doing exactly the same thing to get to the bar. It was a serendipitous coincidence that we happened to arrive bang on happy hour so we ordered two cocktails each. The barman even made a pyramid out of our Pornstar Martinis – another ‘it’s gotta be grammed’ moment.  

GŎNG Bar at Shangri-La at The Shard, The City

When some of my friends came to London Town I wanted to show it off properly so I opted for a table at The Gong Bar. It’s not an every Saturday night kinda affair as cocktails are £18 a pop, but as a once in a while treat, it’s absolutely dreamy. The cocktails themselves are works of art – from levitating glasses to liquid smoke, you’ll be amazed. And while you sip away at your delicious drink you can marvel at the amazing views across the city.

The Ned, The City

Popular with celebs and socialites, The Ned is a really chic place with many restaurants and a huge bar in the middle. We dined at the Italian restaurant before heading to the bar for a cheeky drink. If you head there on a weeknight the bar will be full of smart city workers, but venture there on a saturday for more of a party vibe.

The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell

Before I moved to London, one of my besties Grace came with me for a shopping trip and we stayed overnight at The Zetter Townhouse. One of the highlights for us was definitely the really cool bar downstairs. Full of eclectic furnishings and moody lighting, this hangout would make the perfect date night setting.


Zetter Townhouse Cocktails

Smith’s Cocktail Bar, Hammersmith

Underneath the beautiful Brook Green Hotel, Smith’s Cocktail Bar is a bit of a hidden gem. My partner and I spent New Year here sipping on tasty cocktails. It’s ideal for a casual night out with friends and the later you stay, the better the tunes get.

STK London, Strand

Although it’s known for its amazing steak, STK London in the ME London Hotel actually has a really cool bar that’s perfect for pre-drinks before you hit the town. Or you could always end up staying all night and dancing on the tables like we did! So. Much. Fun.


Bar Elba, Waterloo

A ‘cool-without-being-pretentious’ rooftop bar just down the road from Tonight Josephine. We went in February but the outdoor heaters kept us toasty. I can’t wait to re-visit in the summer and sip an ice-cold cocktail as the sun goes down on the city.

Sushi Samba, The City

Anyone that knows me well, will know that I don’t actually like sushi (I know, I’m strange) however, the good news is, that as well as serving up sushi dishes, the iconic sushi samba has an incredible bar over looking the city. Come here for seriously tasty cocktails, a swanky atmosphere and amazing panoramic views. There’s also an outdoor terrace that’s beautiful in the summer.

Rachel recommends cocktails

Still on my list…

The Aviary Bar (A Made in Chelsea fave) and The Magic Roundabout (to snap those interiors!).

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