My Hair Styling Routine: How I Blow Dry and Curl My Hair

I’ve been cursed (or some would say blessed) with naturally straight locks. Almost poker straight. But, because we always want what we don’t have, I long for gorgeous bouncy curls. Thankfully, a few years a go I discovered this amazing Paul Mitchell tong. Before this, I used to curl my hair with straighteners and the curls looked okay, but they never lasted that long. Now, I can curl my hair in the morning and sometimes the next day I can wake-up with a beautiful wave still intact. Because I love this tool so much I wanted to write a blog post to share with you how I style my hair with it.

Step one – Prepping my hair

When my hair is wet, I only ever use my Wet Brush. It’s so good for de-tangling and it doesn’t damage it at all. The only problem with this brand is, they have so many amazing designs I kinda want to buy them all! Before drying my hair I ALWAYS use a heat protector – at the moment I use a TRESemmé one.

Step two – Blowdrying my hair

I’ve got a GHD Air Hairdryer so it’s pretty good for drying my thick hair. I never style my hair when blowdrying it – quite simply because I’m rubbish at it. I’m utterly mesmerised when the hairdresser manages to wrap my hair around a round brush without it tangling. Instead of attempting a fancy blowdry and getting myself in knots, I just rough dry my hair using the Philip Kingsley Radial Brush, trying to get it done as quickly as possible.


Step two – Curling my hair

I contemplated not using my heat-proof glove for the video as it’s so unsightly, but I figured that it wouldn’t be a true representation of how I do my hair every day, so I’ve kept it on. The reason I love using one is because I can hold on to the barrel and get a curl right to the end of my hair without getting burnt! Honestly worth the investment (your fingertips will thank you).

I’ve seen some vloggers section off their hair to curl it and I simply don’t have time to faff around with stuff like that. I just grab sections that are around two inches wide and wrap my hair around the barrel. This tong curls super-quickly so I only need to hold it for around 10 seconds. After I slide the barrel out from my hair I hold the curl in my hand for a few seconds – this allows it to cool off a little and it means the curl will (hopefully) last for longer, as it’s cooled in a coiled shape. Once I’ve curled my whole head, I spritz on a generous amount of hairspray – in this video I used the Awapuhi Finishing Spray, but I also love Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Hairspray.

The final step to get the perfect curl is by brushing them out. It seems counter-intuitive, but trust me – it works! I don’t like my curls to look too crispy or defined, so I run a brush through my hair, followed by my fingers to break the curls up. I then finish with another light spritz of hairspray, before running out the door.


The essentials

Before you go, check out my skincare faves.

R x

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