This GHD Hairdryer is the Best I’ve Ever Used

Hi lovelies,

It’s quite tempting to only fire up my laptop and craft a new blog post when I have a shiny new product to write about, however, I think it’s good to tell you guys about my trusty faves – after all there is a reason they have stood the test of time. 

One of my I-can’t-live-without products has to be my GHD Air Hairdryer. Now, I know you might be thinking that GHD are only really known for their straighteners and that their other products might not quite live up. But, you need to hear me out…

Before having a GHD air hairdryer, I just had a Remington one – a pretty bog standard, but perfectly fine model just purchased from Argos for around £30. With quite thick hair, I did struggle with drying times but I just presumed I had to like it or lump it. But, when this GHD baby came into my life, I realised that not all hairdryers are created equal. It will set you back around £100, so it is an investment, but it’s an ideal birthday or Christmas present price to be honest. And let me tell you, it will be worth every penny.


The best thing about this hairdryer is without a doubt the amazing drying speed. No hairdryer has ever dried my hair as quickly as this. I’ve even used the brand new Dyson dryers in various gyms across London and they don’t have the same kind of speed as this one.

In terms of settings, it’s pretty standard – and has everything you need. There are two speed settings and two heat settings. I usually select the lowest heat and the highest speed as I try not to damage my hair too much, but I do like to dry my locks in a hurry. But one great thing about the buttons, is that they are located on the back of the handle – so you don’t accidentally turn off your hairdryer mid-blow-dry like you do with some on the sides.

I wouldn’t say it’s the lightest hairdyer I’ve ever used, but I think the slight extra arm workout is totally worth it for amazingly styled hair. It works very well on my naturally straight, thick hair but I have also heard great reviews from curly-haired ladies. My hair never feels frazzled or burned like it can with some cheaper dryers.


I also find that whenever I use this dryer, compared to other cheaper products that I may be forced to use when staying at various hotels, the GHD air keeps my frizz at bay. I do also use the John Frieda serum to tame any fluffy bits but I really do rate the overall finish it give to my hair. And I ALWAYS finish with the cold blast button to ensure my hair is smooth and sleek.

I hope you found this review useful and I’d love to hear what you thought below. 

R x

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