The Festival Items To Put On Your Christmas List

Hi lads and ladies,

As it’s the 1st December (I know, how the hell did that happen?) it is definitely time to start thinking about Christmas. Although festival season may seem a lifetime away, soon it will be time to dance in a field like nobody is watching and Christmas is a great time to stock up on key festival pieces. Here are some items I would recommend you add to your Christmas list.

USB straighteners

I was the envy of all of my Glasto pals when I pulled these out of my rucksack. These mini straighteners can be found on eBay or Amazon and they are so handy for festivals. These are the ones I have. They come with a USB charging cable so can be charged up with your power pack (more on those later) and they are also small in size so don’t take up any valuable room. You won’t necessarily be able to achieve flawless mermaid waves like you can with your larger GHDs, however, I found them so handy to keep my fringe in check.


Hiking boots

I don’t mean to big it up, but the past two times I’ve been to Glasto, it has been a scorcher with all-time high temperatures. In fact, Glasto 2019 was boiling!!! However, you cannot pack for a festival without predicting a little bit of bad weather. Some people may opt for fancy wellies like Hunters but I’m all for the hiking boot. Case in point. I couldn’t wait for Christmas, because I saw these black hiker boots in the black Friday sale…


Battery pack

Now, not all portable chargers are created equal. The cheap ones you may have got free from somewhere simply won’t cut it for five days with no electricity in a field. Instead, I would recommend you opt for a RavPower battery, like this one, from somewhere like Amazon. My one charges my phone for the full five days of Glastonbury – total life saver.

Face gems/glitter

If there is a surefire way to get excited for your up-coming festival, it is by prepping your shiny stash ready to go! Plus, you can pick up lots of amazing bits from pound shops, Primark and Superdrug, so they are very affordable – and make great stocking fillers!

Wacky accessories

In 2020, me and my girls are going to go all out for Glasto – wigs, hats – the lot. So I will be popping a few items on my Christmas list so I can tick them off before the New Year even arrives. A military hat will definitely be on my pressie list – although the plan is to buy a plain one and DIY it! Fingers crossed my creation looks a little like one of these….


I wish you a merry Christmas – and an even merrier festival season!

R x

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