Your Ultimate Festival Packing Guide

Hi gang,

With festival season on the approach (wooo!), I thought I would share my top tips for nailing your festival packing.

My first proper festival experience was back in 2017, and I went all in with five whole days at Glastonbury. It honestly was one of the best times of my life and I embraced every hippy moment of it (including not seeing the showers for the entire time). Having been once, I’m off again this year and I’ve already got a huge packing list which I will be sharing with you soon. But for now, here’s my top tips on how to be an expert packer.

Outfit organisation

First things first, plan your outfits in advance (obvs), unless you are a boy and your idea of outfit planning is buying a new t-shirt the day before to wear for the whole five days. Once you’ve got your outfits decided, group them into separate bags and label them day one, day two etc… In the bag, also include what accessories and jewellery you are wearing with each outfit, that way you will have EVERYTHING you need to hand instead of spending ages rummaging in the depths of your rucksack. 

Packing priority

If like me, your bag only opens at the top (this is the rucksack I have), it’s a good idea to pack the things you will need the least (or at the end of the week) at the bottom of your bag and pop handy things (like loo roll, baby wipes and your phone charger) at the top. 


Weigh it up 

Try to pack your heaviest items at the bottom of your backpack as this will make it easier to carry. You’ll be thanking me for this top tip if you’re standing in the queue for hours (note: I stood for five hours in the queue for Glasto in 2017!!!). 

Keep rolling 

Forget folding and get on board with the rolling technique. Not only will it save on space, it’s the only way to minimise creases in your clothes. I mean, once you’re knee deep in mud and haven’t washed in a fair few days you PROBABLY won’t care about creases, but still…  

Hang on in there

What’s really good about these big camping-style backpacks is that they come with lots of handy features – like loops, hooks and bungee cords which are ideal for hanging things on. If you have really light but large items like your sleeping bag or a pair of sandals, I’d just clip them on to your bag rather than them taking up valuable room inside.


Wheelie nice 

Whatever you cannot cram into (or hang off) your large rucksack, you are faced with having to carry. In my case, I’ll have a camping chair, tent and alcohol too and there’s no way I can juggle all of that so I’ll be taking a trolley to wheel my belongings along. En route to the gates last time we saw an array of festival wheels – my fave being an actual wheelie bin! 

Minimise your make-up

When it comes to my make-up, I try and take products that can do more than one thing – a highlighter that can be an eyeshadow, a lipstick that can be a blush. Also, minis are a great idea – brands like benefit do mini kits that are total lifesavers. Whatever you can do to save on space will be worth it.

Put it on 

Wear your heaviest/bulkiest items instead of packing them. Yes, your wellies, your hoodie, your waterproof… whatever you can so that it’s not taking up precious space in your bag. 

Here’s to another fabulous festival season!

R x

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10 Replies to “Your Ultimate Festival Packing Guide”

  1. This is a post full of solid advice, but I particularly liked the idea of actually putting outfits for separate days in separate bags. That is such a good idea! Whenever I go anywhere, even though I’m semi-ok at packing, I always end up not being able to find one item (which I then promptly find as soon as I get home, somehow at the very bottom…). Thank you for sharing! ❤

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