10 thoughts that go through your mind while at Glastonbury

1. Showers are overrated – surely this jumbo pack of baby wipes is pretty much doing the same job?

2. Glitter solves all problems. Boring outfit? Glitter. Greasy hair? Glitter. Eye bags? Glitter.

3. Why can’t the world be this nice of a place all of the time? Peace and love man!


4. A flushing toilet? What kind of witchcraft is this you speak of?

5. How will I ever go back to the real world where it’s not acceptable to have a fajita for breakfast?

6. I think I could TOTALY headline Glastonbury (minus the singing requirements).

7. How has it taken me this long to discover what a shewee is? A work of sheer genius.


8. Maybe if I pretend to faint they’ll have to take me backstage to the VIP area…

9. I should probably add ‘can carry an impressive amount of alcoholic beverages about my person’ to my CV when I get home.

10. FOMO will actually be the death of me if I don’t get tickets for next year.

Bring on 2019!

R x

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