How to Sleep Well at a Festival: 9 Top Tips

Having just returned from Glastonbury Festival, I can safely say I slept like a log. It’s probably thanks to the G&Ts and tequila shots that sent me into a sweet sleep but even if you’re having a teetotal festival experience, here’s how to sleep well…


1. Pitch your tent wisely

Look around you to see what else is in the field with you – if there’s a bar nearby you could easily be plagued by music all night, for example.

2. Don’t sleep on a slope

While pitching up on an incline is handy if it’s rains, it’s not so great for your shut eye. You’ll end up on top of your tentmate and that’s never comfy.

3. Always wear an eye mask

As soon as the sun rises, tents are filled with light and that’s bound to wake you up mega early. Block out the light with a comfy eye mask.

4. Earplugs are essential

I couldn’t sleep at a festival without earplugs to block out the distant hum of music. I find the wax ones the best for staying put all night long.

5. Pack layers

It’s likely to be chilly when you go to bed but boiling when you wake up (tents are handy like that) so make sure you sleep with layers to ensure you’re always an optimum temperature.


6. Buy a sleeping bag with a hood

Sleeping bags with hoods are the best invention ever. I like pulling the drawstring around my head to get properly snuggled up. I have this one and it’s great!

7. Bring your pillow from home

I’ve tried inflatable pillows, travel pillows and beanbag pillows and nothing quite beats your standard pillow from home. Strap it to your rucksack, it’ll be so worth it!

8. Sleep with your essentials

Getting organised is a good idea – have a bottle of water and a snack to hand for the morning and also keep your valuables inside your sleeping bag just in case.

9. Go air mattress over roll mat

For my first Glastonbury experience I only had a thin roll mat and I’ve gone for an inflatable air mattress ever since. It’s worth the upgrade, trust me.

Hope these top tips have been useful.

Happy Festival-ing!

R x

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