Ultimate Festival Packing List – Downloadable Tick Sheet

Hey lovelies,

For my first festival experience back in 2017, I was sent a huge list by my bestie Grace who had already been to Glasto before. I used that to start my mammoth packing task and now I’ve been once, I have an even better understanding of what I need to take. I thought I would share my complete festival packing list with you. Here’s everything you’ll need to take – keep scrolling for the downloadable tick sheet…


Probably a good idea if you want somewhere to sleep. 

Large rucksack 

I’d suggest taking the biggest one you think you’ll be able to carry. Here’s the one I have.

Sleeping bag

I got mine from eBay – it’s not all singing, all dancing, but it keeps me warm at night and the hood is a nice feature to feel all snuggled up.

Roll mat or blow-up mattress 

The thicker the better really as that will be all that separates you and the hard ground. I ordered this bargain buy.

Foot pump

Or your blow-up mattress will be pretty useless. Just. Saying.

Camping chair

You might not see this as an essential but oh boy it is! Especially if it’s muddy and you can’t sit down on the ground – you’ll be so pleased for a seat. 


100% practical. 0% cool. 

Waterproof Jacket

Just be sure to buy one with a hood! 


Even with a waterproof jacket, if rain is forecasted for when you go to your festival, I’d suggest taking an umbrella too. 

Water canteen

Glastonbury has gone plastic free this year so this is a must for anyone going.

She wee

Ladies, this will honestly change your life. No more trying to hover over the long drops, just aim and fire. 

Foldable water bottle

Handy for when you don’t want to carry your big one. 

Alcohol (and mixer)

Remember that you can’t take glass to Glasto (and probably most festivals) so save your large plastic bottles and decant your alcohol into them before arriving. 

Alcohol cup

A bright beaker for drinking around the camp – one to look good in those pics (think glittery unicorns, watermelons, other cute stuff).


Cartons of juice

It’s so nice to wake up and have something to drink other than water – a refreshing OJ to start the day.

Cereal bars

I’m such a breakfast person and I feel like that’s one thing festivals don’t do well. I think I had a pancake one day but there’s not much avo toast flying around so a humble cereal bar should sort you out. 


Anyone that knows me, knows that I could probably live off sweets alone. Definitely something I would recommend for festivals though when your blood sugar needs an instant hit. 


Perfect for slipping on for a nip to the loo – the last thing you want to do is faff around with wellies when you are busting. 


You guessed it, for the mud. 


Sturdy ones that will cope with the many miles you will walk. 


Comfy ones that you know you can walk all day in and ones you don’t mind getting ruined.


Toilet rolls

Need I say more…

Bin bags 

You never know what these might come in handy for. A seat on the floor when you’ve not brought your chair. A makeshift poncho when you’ve not brought your waterproof. Etc, etc…


As well as being an essential to keep the stench at bay, roll on deo also provides a great alternative to shaving gel when those pits need doing. 


For when those pits need doing. 

Dry shampoo 

I challenge anyone who goes a week at a festival without this stuff. 

Toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash

At least your nashers will be clean, even if everything else isn’t. 

Soap sheets 

Basically paper soap for washing your hands. You’ll honestly relish the feeling of clean hands.

Antibac gel 

Enough to bathe in preferably. 

Mini shampoo

I didn’t do this last time, but now with a fringe, I think I may need to wash it at the sink while I’m there.

Hair slides & hair bands 

Ponytails, pigtails, plaits, space buns – any hairstyle goes at festivals. 


I try and pack as little as possible, but let’s face it, you’ll need all of the concealer you can get by day three.



Also much needed by day three. The mini testers you can pick up on counters are ideal for packing light.


Paracetamols and ibuprofen on standby. 


Keep those brows in check.



Just. In. Case

Mini towel & flannel

The long drop sinks may be the new washroom…


For Glasto that’s x5 – one for every day.


Because even in the height of summer in the UK, there will be chilly spells. 


Bras are obviously optional (you’re at a festival so yolo!) but you’ll probs need some pants and socks suitable for wellies/boots/trainers. 


A bikini top is a great alternative to an uncomfy bra and if you do need to have a makeshift shower with a bucket of water then it’ll come in doubly handy.

Small backpack

For trekking around the festival in the day – one with enough room for a few cans and other essentials. 


I opt for a leggings and baggy tee combo – so walking to the compost loos in the morning isn’t too embarrassing in a silky nightie.


To check how haggard you look and get your glitter in all the right places.

Hairbrush & comb

Just small ones, for a quick brush through each morn. 


Particularly blister ones. Life-savers.

Face gems & glitter

One of the best things about Glasto fashion was practically bathing in glitter – I actually missed it when I had to go back to normal life. 


Thank god this 90s trend has been revived. So practical.


When I went to Glastonbury, I took cash as I wasn’t sure about how many vans/stalls would take card – but I would presume two years later and it’s all contactless, right?


How else will you take pics of those totes amaze glasto outfits? 

Large power bank

I got mine from Amazon (similar to this one) It lasts for at least five charges which is fab.

Small power bank

Always have a back-up.


An in-camp essential for navigating in the dark.


I took a blow up one and a beanbag type one last time, because you really can’t underestimate the pleasure of a good pillow to rest your head.


Unless you want the sun blazing through your tent at 5am to wake you up.


A must. 


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to list this. Yeah, don’t be that person who forgets their ticket.


A must for Glasto to show alongside your ticket. 


And just hope taking them doesn’t jinx the weather. 

Sun hat

On your mum’s advice.

Sun cream

Again, an essential insisted upon by your mother. Mum’s know best.

Wash wizards 

Sponges that lather up when you add water. It’s the closest you’ll get to a shower all week.

Baby wipes

You’ll honestly relish the clean feeling that comes from a baby wipe tent wash – trust me.


It’s the one time when Femfresh really is necessary. Just try not to go bright red as an adolescent checkout boy swipes them through the till when you go festival shopping.

To reward you for scrolling all the way to the bottom of this humungous blog post, here are all of the items in a downloadable tick list.


Now I HOPE I’ve remembered everything on my packing list, but anything you think I’m missing, do let me know by leaving a comment below.  

R x 

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