Beauty recommendations: Lumene review

Hello beauties,

A month or so ago I was gifted some lovely products from Lumene. If you haven’t heard of the brand then number 1) where have you been? and number 2) it’s about time you did.

If you have seen any of their products before, it’s likely to be their liquid blusher – and in fact, this was the product that introduced me to the brand around a year ago.

Lumene Liquid Blusher

I’m normally a firm fan of powder blushes, so I’ll be honest and say I was a little sceptical to try at first, but I can vouch that this product has actually changed my outlook on liquid make-up products like blushes and bronzers. All you need is a few drops places on the apples of your cheeks and then it blends in with a few sweeps to give a really natural glow.

The only thing I would say, is less is definitely more when it comes to this product. I applied it in a rush once after the gym as I keen to dash to brunch and I was a little overzealous with the drops and ended up looking like a bit of a clown.


Lumene Tinted Moisturiser

I was super keen to try this product as I’ve been searching for the perfect tinted moisturiser for a while now. I am a foundation kinda gal however, there are some days when all I need is very minimal make-up. And this product is everything I could have ever wished for. It glides on just like a moisturiser but gives skin a really nice glowy lift. You’ll still need a spot of concealer, if you suffer from breakouts like me, but it truly is a game-changing product.

Lumene Gel Mask

Having breakout-prone skin, I’m always drawn to purifying clay/mud face masks, but they do leave my skin feeling dry so it was a refreshing change to try a mask like this. It does feel a little weird applying a layer of jelly to your face but I was a big fan of the cooling sensation and how my skin looked afterwards. My red, angry spots were soothed and my skin felt plumped and soft.


Lumene Serum/essence

The last time I tried a Vitamin-C infused product, I broke out in a rash so I was a little nervous about trying this one. However, after a week, my worries melted away. A few drops of this serum pre-moisturiser gave my skin a lovely little boost. I personally prefer applying a serum at night to sleep in, but it could totally be used in the day time too, to give your skin a fabulous glow.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, these items were gifted by a PR, but all opinions/views are my own and I wanted to share my recommendations with you.

R x

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