Beauty Review: Eyelash Extensions

Hi guys,

Instagram gets a lot of bad press, but I for one champion it as a useful tool for consumers – I use it for inspiration, research and sometimes this leads me to actually buy products or services. I was approached by Lashes by Lea through Instagram as she could see that I post frequently about Shepherd’s Bush and she is based in Hammersmith. Lea asked if I’d be interested in having eyelash extensions and we agreed I’d come and review the treatment.

As I was due to be going to Glastonbury Festival, I thought it would be a great time to have eyelash extensions so that I could wake up each day and not have to worry about tonnes of eye make-up.


It was a sunny Sunday morning when I headed to Lea’s home. After asking me about the look I wanted to achieve and checking if I was okay with the glue (some people are sensitive to it), we got started on the procedure.


I opted for a ‘classic set’ which is a more natural look where an eyelash extension is placed individually on each one of your own lashes. The volume look is when a cluster of lashes are applied to each lash – creating a more dramatic effect. The classic treatment will still take 1.5-2 hours as each of your eyelashes has to be singled out to attach the extension – painstaking stuff.


The treatment bed was comfy and the room was nicely ventilated so I settled down for two hours of shut eye. It’s actually really odd to be led down and be so still for so long – I’m usually always on the go. I took this time to really relax every part of my body and cherish the stillness. The process is completely painless, in fact it was so delicate, I think I almost even fell asleep at one point!

After Lea’s handiwork was complete I opened my eyes to admire my new lashes. The overall look was fluffy, curly lashes that still managed to look really natural. They also feel really weightless, so you don’t even notice you are wearing them (not like heavy strip lashes).



Instructed not to get them wet for the next 24 hours, I went on with my day as usual, and in the evening, skipped my normal cleansing routine. It’s also important to note, when you do use a cleanser, ensure it is oil free because the oil will break down the glue. But in terms of other aftercare, it’s literally just a case of brushing your lashes every day (with the wand provided) and voila!

Keep scrolling for pics and videos…

Before and after
Before and after
Fluttery lashes

Even after five whole days at glasto, slumming it in a tent and having to wear an eye mask to block out the sunrise through the tent, my lashes still looked fabulous.

Day five of Glastonbury

If you are in the west London area and looking for eyelash extensions, I’d highly recommend the amazing service by Lashes by Lea.

R x

As I mentioned this was a complimentary treatment in order for me to review the service, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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