2019 Festival Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

Hey gang,

I’ve been busy planning my Glasto outfits and here are the festival trends that I’m in love with at the moment (some of which I will be sporting this year).

Tie Dye

Tie dye is always a firm festival fave of mine – I love those hippy vibes. And this year I think it’ll be bigger than ever. If you’re feeling creative, you can even go DIY and make your own festival tie dye T-shirt. My boyfriend’s mum has kindly made me one!


You can’t do an Insta scroll at the moment without being blinded by a neon outfit or two. It look me a while to warm up to this trend and I’m still not sure I’d rep it on the daily, however for a festival you can count me in! I love this crop from She In and I’ve got something similar from Bershka.

Chunky boots/shoes 

This is a look that I’m loving at the moment. Case in point. I know some people aren’t keen on the ugly shoe look, but I’m totally a fan. I think they are a savvy way to make an average outfit look a little bit cooler. I’ll be packing chunky boots and chunky trainers for my glasto trip – I’ve ordered this lovely Nasty Gal pair.

Body gems 

As well as adding pretty gems to faces, we are seeing more and more body gems. Now, I can’t say I’ll be sporting full-on glitter boobs, however  I am keen to load up on the sparkles. 



I know they look a little X-rated but I think body harnesses are a cool way to toughen up a feminine outfit. I’ve ordered one from eBay but let me just warn you, I still haven’t mastered how to do it up correctly – it’s beyond confusing – but hopefully I’ll master the art soon before I hit glasto.

Coloured sunglasses

A festival is the perfect time to get away with working a brave trend – and for me that’s brightly coloured sunglasses. I’ve tried wearing them on a normal occasion and just felt like a bit of a wally, but because anything goes when you’re partying in a field, now’s the time for me to crack them out again. 


Sheer trousers 

I haven’t bought a pair of these (yet) but I am very tempted. For me, it’s just about finding the right level of sheerness. I don’t want my whole bum on show but I also don’t want them to look like full on granny flares. I feel like these lace trousers could look pretty cool at glasto….

Animal print 

Now, I’m a huge fan of animal print anyway, but a festival is the perfect time to really unleash your wild side – think leopard print bodies, cow print bikinis, zebra skirts. Love, love, love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up of trends. See you on the farm!

R x

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