7 of my biggest shopping pet hates

Hey lovelies,

As some of you may know, I’m a self-confessed shopaholic, I’d do it all day if I could (well, if my bank balance allowed). However, there are some things that slightly diminish the joy of shopping for me. See if you agree.

1. Dirty changing room floors

There is nothing worse than taking off your white dress to pick it back up again when it’s covered in a thick layer of dust. EWWWW. Clean the fitting rooms people!!!

2. Unhelpful staff

Naming no names (*ahem* Zara) there are some stores where the staff are less than helpful. In fact, just plain rude. There is really no excuse for this – manners don’t cost a thing. Having started my working life in Next, I know that customer services goes a long way.

3. Forgetting your reusable bags

For some reason that 5p feels like the biggest waste of 5p ever and not to mention your guilt of wreaking the planet one carrier bag at a time. I try and keep a tote in most of my handbags now, so I’m never without one and I’d highly recommend you do the same.

4. Choosing the wrong outfit for getting unchanged

This can include body suits, lace up boots, polo neck jumpers. Anything that makes the art of getting undressed even more difficult. We’ve all been there, sweating it out in the changing rooms wishing you wore a basic tee and jeans.


5. Clothes on the wrong hanger

There you are and you’ve found the dress of your dreams, the last one and it’s your size. But wait, this IS too good to be true, it’s on the wrong hanger and it’s in fact 20 sizes too big. Bummer. Disclaimer: This mainly happens in Primark.

6. Finding jeans that fit

For my body shape, jean shopping is the biggest nightmare. I’ve got more chance of discovering a pot of gold than finding the perfect pair of denims that fit my waist and my legs perfect. In fact, the search continues…. (and in the meantime, thank GOD belts are back in fashion).


7. Men taking up valuable shopping space

Now, before you call me sexist. This can definitely apply to women too – but what I mean is people who don’t really want to go shopping but get dragged to the shops by their other halves. These people spend hours aimlessly wandering the shop floor and get in my bloody way!


Any other shopping pet hates to add to the list? Leave me a comment below!

R x

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