The Best Bra Brands For Big Boobs

Hey girlies,

Boobs, wangers, melons – whatever you call them, I’m here to talk about ’em. I used to be pretty self-conscious of my large bust, in fact, as a teen I’d spend my days wishing that they were smaller so I could look more fashionable in clothes. Now I’m a little older (the grand old age of 26), I’ve realised that I should love my body – including my ample chest (even when it stops me wearing button-up shirts) because, quite frankly, some girls are paying thousands of pounds to have boobs just like mine!

However, now that I’ve overcome the first hurdle of actually accepting my God-given grandma-given basoomas, I still have that little old problem of housing the beauties. Like, seriously. Bra shopping ain’t easy when you’re over the DD-cup threshold. But here are the brands that I absolutely swear by!

Before we go any further, I have to mention this amazing Urban Outfitters mug that I’ve used as a featured image on this blog post. WANT!


Freya is my go-to brand for bras in my size. They understand big boobs perfectly – especially when it comes to cuts and shapes – and we all know how important the right fit can be! Also, I have a really good Freya sports bra that’s perfect for running and it’s one of the ones that doesn’t push your boobs up to give you a comedy cleavage – it just covers them modestly.


When you first look at Triumph as a brand, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking it was geared at older women who are partial to a lot of lace and maximum comfort. However, look a bit harder and you will find some corkers. Again, this brand also excels in the sports bra department. From running to Insanity classes, the bra I have keeps my boobs in check.


Not a place you might automatically think of for lingerie, but Asos is really worth a browse. The search bar makes it easy for you to filter your size and check what’s in stock. I have a sexy bralet from here that I wear all of the time. They also do a really good DD+ bikini range – it’s my go-to when I’m jetting off on hols.

The travel packing hacks that I swear by


The only place to go for strapless bras if you have big boobs. Nothing holds them in place like my Ultimate Strapless bra from Wonderbra. It has this really clever built-in support that’s in the shape of hands that literally cups your boobs. In my opinion, strapless bras aren’t ever gonna be comfy, but this is the closest you’re gonna get.

Where to shop for what: My highstreet and online guide


During college and uni I worked part-time at Next and so I have quite a few star buys from this shop that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I’ve got a few T-shirt bras from there that I still wear to this very day, so the quality must be pretty good and the fit of them is spot on.

Ann Summers

If you’re looking for something a little more sexxxyyy, Ann Summers is the place to head. And I don’t necessarily mean full on raunchy sets, just nice lacy numbers. Their range for larger boobs is pretty impressive and I’ve found a few gems.

After all of this bra-lusting, I think my lingerie drawer is due an update! Online shopping anyone?

R x

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