Your Shopping Guide: Where to Shop For What

Hi guys,

As it’s shopping season I thought this would be an appropriate topic…

Trawling the high street – or even still, the web – for new clobber can be a laborious task. And when you’re searching for something specific, raiding the rails or endlessly scrolling to no avail can be so disheartening. And I’m a big believer that shopping should be a pleasure and not a chore. With that in mind, I thought I would write a blog post about what I buy where to hopefully give you some shopping guidance. 

Stradivarius is best for bags and shoes

My love for Stradivarius began with my move to London Town – and now you can’t get me out of the shop. If I’m honest, I find it great for a lot of different things, but I always seem to leave with a new pair of shoes or a new bag. For me, the price point is ideal and the items are always really on trend. The quality of the pieces isn’t always great – but for the price, I would definitely recommend. A year or so ago, I would have said Topshop was my go-to place for bags and shoes, but now this place has taken over.

TK Maxx is best for occasionwear

When a big event comes around (I’m at the age now where weddings are more and more frequent) it is easy to spend hours and hours trawling the shops for a nice dress to wear. Despite the commitment to having to get stuck into the rails, I find TK Maxx the perfect place for this. That way, when you find a dress, you can be pretty sure someone else won’t be rocking up with the same one on (which will TOTALLY happen if you get it from Topshop). Here is a lovely dress I got from there in the summer.

New Look is best for accessories

When I was younger, New Look was one of my go-to shops, but as I get a little older (28 to be exact), I find myself gravitating to other shops more often. However, I still do venture inside to pick up sandals come summertime and also accessories such as belts, headbands, scarfs etc…

ASOS is best for bikinis

Spending nights scrolling through ASOS used to be a regular occurrence, but now I actually find there are too many items, so I struggle to find anything at all. However, before I go on my holibobs, I always log on to ASOS to check out their bikini offering – not only do they have a great selection from many different brands, their ASOS own-brand collections are always lovely too. The best thing? They come in bra sizes so I can get ones that actually fit – winning!


Nasty gal is best for going out outfits

Now if you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I’m a big fan of the online brand, Nasty Gal. I find it is always really quick with new trends, and the prices are affordable (there is ALWAYS a discount). Whenever I have a BNO in the diary, Nasty Gal is always the first place I search for a nice dress or a chic blouse.


Zara is best for workwear

Sophisticated tailoring is something that Zara has got nailed. I could spend all of my wages in there, given half the chance. I have so many nice blouses, shirts and blazers from Zara – but just be warned with some of their workwear trousers – I have noticed that some of mine have gone baggy in the wash (sad times!). They also have some very lovely (and surprisingly affordable) handbags, that are great for work.

Marks & Spencer is best for work shoes

My best pair of smart heels are from good old M&S. So they are number one on my list when I need a new pair of court shoes for work. They are really good quality and a comfy fit, so worth paying a little bit more for. 


Lovisa is best for earrings

Out of all of the pieces of jewellery, earrings are the thing I wear the most. Whether it’s cute, dainty gold ones for day-to-day outfits or glam oversized ones for evenings out, I love a good bit of ear bling. When I first moved to London and discovered Lovisa, I was in earring heaven. They always have soooooo many to choose from and I particularly rate their slightly more premium range of plated earrings. 

Primark is best for trend-led clothes

Primark is likely to be my first port of call when there is a new trend I would like to try. Because of the price point, I don’t mind buying something just to see if I like it. And at the moment, I’m also finding that Primark is killing it in the jeans department – I love their straight leg and mom jeans – just be sure to size down as they come up a little big around the waist.

Pretty Little Thing is best for festival clothes

When I’m going to a festival, I usually want to wear something a little different to my usual attire – something more fun – and Pretty Little Thing is awash with quirky pieces for these sorts of occasions. They do also do some nice going out dresses, but some can look a little tacky so beware.

H&M is best for basics

If you are in need of a plain hoodie or a smart black bag, H&M is the best place to head. I can always rely on them to come up trumps with something that’s classic, effortless and affordable. 


I hope this who’s who of the high street has help you with your purchasing plans. Happy shopping!

R x

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