Happy birthday to me: 28 life lessons

Hi guys,

To celebrate me reaching the grand old age of 28 (wooop), I thought I would write a blog post to share 28 things I have learnt in my life so far. Hopefully you can learn a little something about me along the way…

1 You can be whatever you want to be

I’m starting with the most important one, that has definitely shaped my determination to follow my dreams, but I have to give kudos here to my mum. She is always my biggest cheerleader – and taught me from a very young age that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Brain surgeon and rocket scientist included. But, luckily for me I wanted to me a writer so it was a little easier…

2 Good things come to those who wait

I’m 28 and I don’t own my own home, I’m not engaged and I don’t have any children. But, I’m sure, when the time comes it will be absolutely perfect. Which leads me on to my next point…

3 Slay in your own lane

It is oh-so easy to compare your progress or life with other people. They’ve got a brand new car, she’s got a promotion etc etc… but you will only find true happiness if you learn to realise that you are your only competition.

4 It’s okay not to be okay

I’m so glad that this generation is beginning to talk up about mental health. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to say we are struggling or we are feeling down. Just like a broken leg or a headache, your mental health needs attention and sometimes treatment too.

5 Life isn’t perfect

For anyone that knows me really well, they will know that I majorly struggle with this one and I’m still coming to terms with it. As a meticulous, organised planner I always strive for perfection and I definitely struggle when things don’t go my way but gradually as I get older, I’m starting to acknowledge that not everything can be plain sailing and quite often it’s these hurdles or issues that actually shape us.

6 Don’t be afraid to say no or disagree

More on this point here.

7 Say I love you more

Whether it’s to your partner, your family or your friends you never know how comforting these words can be. Share the love!

8 Life is precious

Not to be totally morbid, but as you get older and the people you love start to age to, you think about life more – and we would really be fools not to cherish the time we have.

9 Stay curious

As a qualified journalist and writer, I’m always asking questions and being inquisitive. When you are younger, I think it’s easy to feel as though asking things is a sign of stupidity, but I believe that inquiring and taking an interest is the only way you will really learn.

10 Knowledge is infinite

The second you think you know everything, you’ve lost it. No matter what your job or your path in life, you can never stop learning. Always strive to know more and more.

11 Relationships thrive on teamwork

When we talk about love, we often talk about trust and respect, which of course, I believe are so important… however, I believe teamwork is the biggest thing. You need to act as a solid unit and then you will be (hopefully) unbreakable.

12 Quality over quantity

This is motto that definitely applies to friends. You can have a phonebook full of contacts and an Instagram brimming with likes, but this isn’t true friendship. Having a small circle of really good friends is definitely wayyyyyy better than being the popular one with no real pals to turn to in times of need.

13 Don’t confuse excitement for fear

Whether it’s starting a new job or going on a thrill-seeking adventure, it’s very easy to interpret the butterfly feelings in the pit of your stomach for sheer fear, but I like to think of them as excitement instead to steady my nerves.

14 Nerves can be a good thing

That being said, I think it is important to note that having a little bit of jitters before a big presentation or an important event is a good thing, It shows you care!

15 Self-care isn’t silly

This is a trend you may have seen knocking around on Instagram. And although it just seems like an excuse for girls to take pics of their cute Lush bath bombs and bath shelves, ‘self-care’ is actually an important part of life. Whether it’s stealing five mins or having a day off, don’t be afraid to take some time out.


16 Disagreement is healthy

I’m an argumentative kind of gal. Not because I enjoy being a pain in the ass (okay, maybe that) but also because I think debate is a good thing. I love it when someone challenges my views on something, because it gives you chance to learn (see point 10) and it’s also a great way to solidify your own views.

17 Kill them with kindness

In life you are bound to encounter people that you don’t get on with. However, instead of creating an arch enemy and scowling at every opportunity, I’ve found that being extra nice and super sweet is the best approach. Plus, it annoys them more because they have nothing to hold against you. Sorry not sorry!

18 You do you

You only get one life, so you have to live it on your own terms.

19 Jägerbombs are never a good idea

This may be a controversial one, but they are throughly disgusting. And you feel awful afterwards. Pass me the tequila any day.

20 Do hold grudges

Yes, you did read that right. Lots of people say that you should never hold a grudge but as a Scorpio, I’m a firm believer of loyalty. If you cross me, I won’t forget about it and life is so precious (see point 8) that I don’t have time for those sorts of people.

21 Travel makes you richer

The more I see of the world, the more I want to see. I’ve definitely caught the travel bug, and with every new place I discover, a learn a wealth of things.


22 Good things happen to good people

Although sometimes life can feel pretty cruel, I always try and reassure myself that karma does exist and eventually great things happen to those who deserve it.

23 Never underestimate the power of red lipstick

It takes your sass level from 0 to 100 and it’s the perfect way to add give the illusion that you’ve made a real effort.

24 Don’t live to work, work to live

I’m a very career driven person and I love my job (because I get to write for a living) however, I do recommend having a healthy work/life balance for your own mental wellbeing.

25 Black is always chic

My fave fashion colour for sure. Black jeans, black leather jacket, black boots, black bag… you honestly can’t go wrong.


26 Don’t live beyond your means

My parents instilled this in me from a young age and I’ve never been the sort for maxing out credit cards or having big loans. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t buy it.

27 Comfy shoes make for great BNOs

Now, I’m not saying you’ll always catch me in flats, but block heels are a complete godsend. Skyscraper heels are very seldom worth it.

28 Never give up

For example, if you’ve committed to writing 28 life mottos, you MUST get to the end.

Over and out!

R x

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