Here’s what I wore to the office every day for a month

Hi lovelies,

I’ve recently changed jobs, which meant a whole different working wardrobe (naturally). My old office was super-casual and no one would bat an eyelid at a jeans and trainer combo (essentially dress down Friday was every day), but my new office has a smarter dress code. The smarter end of smart-casual I’d say.

I know full well that what to wear to the office can end up becoming the bane of your working life – spending a whole 15 minutes frantically rummaging in drawers and pulling things out of your wardrobe – all before the morning commute. So what I try and do is plan my outfit the night before and hang it up ready to prevent any morning dramas – plus, it means I’ve still got time for a bowl of Crunchy Nut before I leave the house.

In this vlog I’ve decided to show you what I wore to the office for an entire month – well, four weeks to be exact. Although I do mix and match trousers with different tops, you’ll notice that no two outfits are the same.

Here is some workwear inspiration to get you strutting into that office!

If you want anymore info about any of the pieces you see in this video, please comment below.

R x

p.s no prizes for guessing which day was my birthday

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