Here are the beauty products that I always repurchase

Hi gang,

There’s one thing telling you all about new beauty purchases, but I thought you might like to know about the products that have stood the test of time – the ones I buy again and again. So here goes…

Nivea Moisturising Cream
In the past few years, I’ve used a range of facial moisturisers and I’ve not yet found the one that’s perfect for my skin. Until I find my dream product, I’m pretty happy using this Nivea one. I feel like it’s a no-fuss product that provides a good level of moisturiser without irritating my skin and giving me more spots. At the moment, I use it morning and night after my toner and I also have the larger version which is ideal as a cheap and cheerful body moisturiser.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant
Okay, so not the most glamorous of beauty products, granted, but you need to know about this baby. It was quite a few years ago that I switched from spray to roll-on deodorant and I’ve not regretted it once since. I use this one each and every day and it never lets me town. Whether I’m sandwiched on the tube or running from work to meet my friends for a drink, I always feel confident that I won’t be a sweaty betty with this stuff.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Batiste’s dry shampoo is on my budget buys blog post for a reason. It’s wonderfully cheap but also wonderfully brilliant. Thanks to Batiste I can go a few days without the hastle of washing my hair which means being able to snooze in bed a little longer. Life-changer.


Roger & Gallet Beauty Vinegar
I use this in replacement of a toner, and you can read all about why I love this stuff right here!

Barry M Nail Varnish
At the moment, I haven’t been painting my nails, as I’ve been treating myself to regular gel maincures (yolo!), however I do paint my toenails still and Barry M continues to be my all-time fave nail polish brand. There are so many reasons why I rate old Bazza so highly. Firstly, the price point. You can pick up a good varnish for less than the price of a lunch. Secondly, they are always on trend with their colour ways. Thirdly, it’s really good quality. As long as you pair a nail varnish with a top coat (their plumpy one is fab) then your manicure looks really professional and lasts for a good amount of time.

Kiko Milano Eyelash Curlers
I’m reluctant to spend a lot of money on something as mundane as eyelash curlers because it’s really not the same as stepping out of the shop with a brand new lippy or a super-cool eyeshadow palette. So when I discovered these Kiko ones that do the job just as well as the spenny versions, I knew I was on to a winner.

Topshop lipstick
I was surprised buy how good the Topshop beauty range was when I first started to use it. Usually high street stores don’t excel in the beauty department, but Topshop does. Their lipsticks are not only available in really on-trend shades, they are also buttery soft.


Urban Decay Lipstick
When I need a long-lasting lipstick I bring out the big guns and my Urban Decay lipstick can even survive a busy day at work. I’ve got shade Carnal that’s majorly running low so I’m waiting for it to come back into stock.

Yes To Charcoal Cleanser
Because I suffer from hormonal spots (yes, still at the grand old age of 27!), I like to use a cleanser that balances my oily patches. However, with some spot-fighting products I’ve used in the past, I’ve found my skin to go the opposite way and become really dry. This charcoal cleanser manages to leave my skin feeling squeaky-clean without it being tight, red or irritated. I will be using this for the foreseeable!

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen
As soon as this baby runs out I’m going to have to buy another. Yes, it is the best part of £50 but it’s served me so well over the past year that I’m not ready to part ways with it just yet. The pen allows me to create a perfectly straight and black line across my lid every single time and I really can’t imagine my beauty routine without it.

I’d love to hear about your trusty faves. Comment below!

R x

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