Wacky beauty remedies that actually work!

The tried and testing beauty hacks that I swear by!

Ice cubes on spots

I’ve suffered with periods of spotty skin ever since I was a teenager, so over the years I’ve tried a whole host of home remedies. Toothpaste, Sudocrem, tee tree oil, lemon juice… if there’s a forum post out there about it, I’ve tried it. And although in some instances these strange ingredients did work temporarily, the top tip that I always find myself coming back to is using ice! If I have a huge red angry spot, I take an ice cube and apply it directly to the (not-so) little chap. The principle behind this method is that the cold reduces the swelling and takes away redness. Also, the cold closes your pores, meaning that any nasty bacteria can’t get in, hopefully meaning for a quicker healing time.



Apple cider vinegar toner

I purchased this bottle of apple cider vinegar after feeling inspired by a Women’s Health article. Completely hooked by it’s health promises (aiding weight loss, lowering blood sugar etc), my plan was to have a quick shot of the good stuff every morning and await my amazing transformation. It turns out that it’s bloody disgusting. Like, unbearably horrible. So after three days of trying the ‘hold-your-nose-and-drink-it-down’ technique, I retired the bottle to the back of the cupboard. Then, I saw a few people raving about apple cider vinegar online, but this time for its benefits as a toner. So, I thought – why not give it a go?! I diluted the vinegar, one to three parts of water because the stuff is pretty astringent, but I’m honestly amazed by the results.

As you’ll see from my picture below, my spots have dramatically reduced and my blemishes are not as noticeable anymore. During that time I had also been on my jollies so I think the sun helped improve my skin too, but I genuinely believe that my new toner hack is a real winner!

My before and after – 6 weeks apart



Vaseline on eyelashes

I’ll be honest – this isn’t something that I do on a regular basis. Quite frankly, my beauty routine is already long enough with a double cleanse, toner, overnight oil and moisturiser. However, I have had eyelash extensions in the past and after their removal (professional or otherwise), I always feel like my lashes aren’t as strong, long or thick afterwards. So, whenever they need a little extra TLC, I whip out my vaseline tin and give them a coat before bed. I don’t think it makes them grow any faster, like some people claim, but I do think it helps to keep them nice and moisturised, which in turn stops them breaking.


Charcoal teeth whitening powder

From Hollywood celebs to Instagram stars, I always find myself admiring people’s dazzling smiles. Although my teeth are pretty straight (big up to the NHS for giving me braces), I always want them whiter. Ever since trying this Corium London product a few months a go, I’m totally hooked. I don’t use it everyday, although it’s completely safe to. Instead, I tend to use this a few days before a big event or a holiday – just for a little brightness boost. I will warn you, it does feel rather odd to be rubbing a gritty black substance into your teeth, but once you’re over the bizarre nature of the whole thing, you too will be obsessed!

If you have any weird and wonderful beauty advice, I’d love to hear it!

R x

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  1. You’re a star!!!! Let me know if you need more. Happy to post to you lovely. You’re looking gorgeous in your travel shots xxx


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