The travel packing hacks that I swear by

Hello my lovelies,

I was packing for a trip last week when I had a lightbulb moment – I thought that I’d share with you my own packing tips for easy travelling.

Roll with it

As well as minimising creasing, rolling up your clobber can save so much space. Get (rocking and) rolling guys!


Getting heavy

Position your heaviest items (like shoes and toiletries) at the bottom of your wheelie to make dragging it along much easier. You (and your arms) can thank me later.


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Clever cotton

Prevent beauty breakages by harnessing the power of the humble cotton pad. Position them inside your compacts to provide extra padding, You can always cross all of your fingers and toes that your bag doesn’t get thrown onto the plane, but if it does, your powders will be protected.


It’s a wrap

Whenever I’m taking anything breakable away with me, I always ensure it’s as protected as possible by wrapping it up in my clothing.


Bag it up

The last thing you want is to arrive in paradise to find out that your gorgeous Fenty body lava has now created a glitter tie-dye effect on all of your clothes. To prevent leakages, I always pack my liquids into food bags – that way if there is a mishap, it doesn’t go too far.


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Be space savvy

Use every nook and cranny you can – stuff your shoes with socks and utilise the inside of a hat for clever storage.


Ditch the dirty

I never travel without this handy laundry bag, it’s so much easier to keep your worn clothes separate, rather than playing smell roulette upon your return home!


I hope these handy tips help with the painful packing process. If you have any top tips for me, I’d love to hear them.

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R x

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