How I curl my hair with straighteners

Hey guys and gals,

I love wearing my hair curly or wavy and when I do, I get a lot of people asking how I achieved the look – including my friend Katie who actually inspired me to shoot this video!

Before you launch into a game of spot the difference, I better flag up that I filmed this video just before I got my mop chopped! I thought this type of hair curling tutorial would be easier to show on my longer locks, but I will still be using this very same hair curling technique with my new lob. Now, as I mention in the video, I usually curl my hair with tongs (like this), but when I don’t have my tongs to hand, I use my humble ghd’s.

Here are the steps to curling your hair with straighteners:

  1. Brush the hair through and apply a heat protection spray (this is VERY important, because no one wants frazzled ends).
  2. Take an inch section of hair and slot it in between the plates. As you make your way down the length of hair, ensure you twist the irons to create the curl.
  3. After the hair is removed from the plates, it should spring up into a bouncy curl. Once you are happy with that, make your way around the rest of your head. TOP TIP: if you want a more tousled, messy finish, alternate which way you twist the hair to create some curls that go into the face and some that flick out.
  4. Now apply a generous amount of hairspray to set the style.
  5. Wait at least 10 minutes and then brush out the curls and break them up with your fingers to achieve a more relaxed look.
  6. Spritz one last lot of hairspray and get practising a killer hair flick!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial – happy curling!

R x 

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