How to Make Your Hair Grow: Top Tips and Products

Hey lovelies,

This week I’m talking about hurr (aka hair) and how to make it grow.

Okay, so the truth is there is no miracle cure to making your hair grow. But, before you hate me, I haven’t got you here under totally false pretences – because with the right treatment you can make your hair stronger and healthier, which in turn means it will grow. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty…

Overnight hair masks

I’ve always been a big fan of using hair masks to condition my hair, but it has only been in the last year that I’ve decided to take the treatment up another level and leave the mask on overnight to let the ingredients really sink in. I just slather on the product to the ends of my hair, pop on a shower cap and then catch some zzz’s. A thorough wash in the morning is required to ensure your locks aren’t weighed down – but honestly, you’ll be so impressed with the results.

Maria Nila hair mask

Turn down the heat

In 2018 I decided to chop 11 inches off of my hair for charity and the stylist that did it actually said to me that it was a good job that I was having a big chunk off because my hair was quite damaged. Now, I’m not sure anyone who knew me would have said I had bad hair, but it just goes to show that hair is easily damaged – even if it doesn’t initially look it. She asked what heat setting I used to curl my hair and when I said I would put it on 200c she was so shocked and advised me to turn down. Since I’ve lowered the heat majorly and I do feel like I get less breakage, so it’s doing the trick!


Trim time

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times – and here’s one more! Having regular trims is soooooo good to make your hair grow. At the moment I’m trying to keep a midi style and I’m actually struggling with it growing too much in-between haircuts. The reason having your hair cut actually makes it grow, goes back to the healthy hair thing again, having your dead ends chopped off means your hair is healthier and it will grow faster. 

salon review
Chop Chop in Westfield


Brush carefully

Now, I’m not saying you have to try and tame your hair with a super-soft baby brush, however it’s just good to be mindful when you are brushing. Whenever my hair is wet, I only use my Wet Brush to prevent breakage and I swear by it. Also, because I have naturally quite knotty hair, I’m careful to tackle them from the bottom up so that more knots don’t form.


A moment to massage

Just before washing my hair, I give my scalp a little massage with my fingertips. Not only does it feel rather nice and relaxing, I’ve heard that it stimulates the hair follicles, sending blood to the area and encouraging hair growth. I can’t promise that you’ll have Rapunzel locks as a result of it but it’s definitely worth 30 seconds of your time.

(These lovely photos were taken by the super-talented Stephanie O’Callaghan)

I hope you guys have found a tip or two to take away and here’s to luscious long locks!

R x

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