Eyelash Extensions Review: Lashed With Alex

Hey girls,

As the summer is drawing to a close, you may be starting to think about CHRISTMASSSSS (oops sorry for mentioning the C-word if you are not ready for it), but with this magical time of year comes the party season. Woooohoooo! If you are looking for a way to look effortlessly glam, then it’s with fake eyelashes. And if you are fed up with fiddling around with strip lashes, you may want to opt for extensions.

My friend Alex and I met when I was working in Next many moons ago (shout out to the fabulous pals I made while working in retail!) and she’s always had a flair for beauty, so when she told me about her lash technician training I wasn’t surprised. Shortly after, her Lashed With Alex Instagram was launched and she’s been inundated with requests since.

But luckily she found some time for me to stop by her house in South Bristol for an eyelash transformation when I was back in Bristol for the weekend. Lash Base is the brand she uses, as they are a brand that’s trusted in the industry (and that’s also who does the training if you are interested yourself).


The first step was talking through what kind of look I wanted – and curly was the aim of the game for me as my natural lashes are really long but super straight. This is where you can tell Alex if you are looking for natural or fuller-looking lashes.

Then comes the hard part… (just kidding), I had to lie down on a comfy treatment bed in her lash room for around two hours – not bad for a Saturday morning, eh? Luckily Alex and I had lots to catch up on and we spent the whole time chatting away, but if you weren’t feeling talkative this would be the prefect chance for a snooze. It’s completely pain free so you can definitely fully relax here. With magnifying goggles on (yes really), Alex got to work applying an extension to each one of my lashes.


Lashed With Alex Eyelash Extensions

After the careful concentration and precision was over, Alex left me led down with my eyes closed for five minutes just for the glue to dry. Warning, if you don’t let the glue dry enough you may experience a bit of stinging and streaming – but thankfully my eyes were fine. To be honest, I just think some people’s eyes are a little more sensitive to stuff like that, so please be warned.

The finished result

Then after a quick stretch (lying down for that long is quite a challenge) then it was time for the big reveal. Alex handed me the mirror and I saw my gorgeous lashes. What I love most about eyelash extensions, compared to strip lashes, is that they are so light and fluffy – you cannot tell they are there. And my favourite thing about my Lashed With Alex extensions is that they are so full – I’ve had my lashes done quite a few times now, in various places (in both London and Bristol) and I have to say Alex’s handiwork is amazing! There were no gaps or stray lashes which fell out in the next few hours (which has happened to me before) so I will definitely be back again.

Check out Lashed With Alex on Instagram and Facebook – and keep an eye on her Instagram Stories as sometimes there are special offers to be had.

Please note: this is not sponsored or gifted – I just wanted to share this fabulous treatment with you!

R x

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