Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattoos

The first tattoo I ever had was on my face (brave, I know), but I don’t mean I went for a skull and crossbones on my forehead, I ventured into the wonderful world of semi-permanent eyebrows. I first tried nano needling and then moved on to micro blading. And here’s what to expect from the producure.

It was back in December 2016 when I first gave this procedure a go for a review in Perfect Wedding. I knew I was in good hands as my appointment was at the Tracie Giles clinic in Knightsbridge.

The therapist Jody talked everything through with me before the procedure started so I had no fears about being left with angry brows or huge slugs on my face.


Then, on to the tattooing itself! It’s a nano needle that’s used so it’s not really painful but there were a few areas where it felt a little bit stingy and sharp.

The therapist will give you a chance to see your brows before the treatment is over so you can ask for a few more carefully considered hair strokes if you like.

Rachel Recommends: Tracie Giles eyebrows before and after

I, however, was so happy with my brand new brows that I practically skipped out of the place.

At around £500 for a treatment with Tracie, it’s certainly not cheap, but I kid you not it actually changed my life…

Fast-forward to 2017 and I’m back in the tattoo chair once again, but this time at the legendary Karen Betts clinic on Harley Street to review for You & Your Wedding.

As soon as I stepped into the room, Karen’s beaming smile put me at ease. I knew I could trust Karen to give me the fabulous brows that I knew were possible.


This time I went for microblading instead of nano needling, so the surface of the skin is scratched to add the pigment. With the numbing cream provided, again like my first experience, I only had a few areas of sensitivity.

I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently Karen worked – my new look was ready in no time. Karen has really perfectly the art of the hair strokes and I honestly think no one could tell my eyebrows weren’t real hairs when I went for dinner the next evening.

Rachel Recommends: Karen Betts eyebrows before and after

So whether you’re considering nano needling or micro bladed brows, I’d fully recommend taking the plunge! I can’t live without my semi-permanent brows now! Just be sure to check that you’re booking at a reputable place. I find having a good old Instagram stalk beforehand is a good way to see their handiwork.

R x

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