The beauty hacks that have changed my life 

Here are the clever little beauty tricks that I use on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Eyeliner: The sideways sweep 

It’s a bit of a weird technique, but for me, this was the perfect introduction to eyeliner and I still use the trick now! Instead of using it like a pencil, with the tip, you turn the nib on the side, so it sits flat against the eyelid, and simply drag along the lash line.

Lipstick: The finger suck 

This might sound a bit saucy, but I guarantee it’s the key to not getting lipstick on your teeth. After putting on your fave lippy, put your finger in your mouth (however seductively you wish) and then pull it out. Any lipstick on your finger is the stuff that would have ruined that beaming smile!

Hairdryer: The cold blast 

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a 100 times – to seal your hair follicles, set your hairdryer on to a cold setting at the end of your blow dry. But, trust me guys, it’s an oldie but a goodie – it really works! Goodbye frizz and hello sleek locks!

Perfume: The sweet spots 

A quick spritz of perfume on your wrists and neck and you’re good to go? Wrong! Well, keep dousing those pulse points, but also consider spraying on your hair and ankles (yes, trust me) for longevity. And if that fails, carry a mini perfume in your handbag like I do. Life. Saver.

Tan: The leftovers 

Those tricky spots like ankles, knees and elbows don’t have to be a disaster zone for tan. Make sure you slather these areas in moisturiser before you begin tanning and then ONLY use the leftover tan on your mitt to brush over these areas.

Mascara: The tip off

If you’re a regular eyelash curler user like me, you would have experienced the dreaded droop – when the weight of your mascara weighs down your lashes and leaves them straighter than ever. The stress! Well, my solution for that is to only apply mascara on the very ends of my lashes. It works a treat with non-clumpy formulas. Try it!

Eyebrows: The super spray

If I don’t have my trusty brow gel with me and I need to tame my brows (yes, I do have microbladed eyebrows, but the hairs I do have don’t often stay in place) I use this nifty hack… I take an eyebrow brush (or an old mascara wand will do the job nicely) and spritz it with hairspray before combing through my brows. You can thank me later for your flawless brows.

Nails: The quick rinse

When I first read about this beauty hack, I have to admit, I was rather sceptical. But, it turns out that running your freshly painted mani under the cold tap doesn’t smudge it to hell, in fact it helps the polish set quicker. Honestly – try it once and you’ll be totally amazed.

Any essential beauty hacks that you swear by? Let me know!

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R x

12 Replies to “The beauty hacks that have changed my life ”

  1. love these hacks! I am so going to try the hair-dryer one as my hair is getting so frizzy now that summer is on the way! I am also so intrigued by the nail polish one – I can’t believe that works x

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