Beauty DIY: How To Dye Your Eyebrows At Home

Hey gang,

We’ve been in lockdown for a longggg old while now and with beauty salons closed, I’m sure, (just like me) you are wondering which beauty treatments you can DIY at home. The good news is, you can definitely dye your eyebrows at home – and the even better news is, it’s super easy!

In this blog post, I’ll talk you through how I use the Eylure Dybrow Kit and I’ve also shot a quick little video to show you how.

Disclaimer – I do already have microbladed eyebrows! So that’s why I’m not a regular user of an eyebrow tint, but I bought this kit for when my tattooed eyebrows start to fade. The reason I was drawn to this Eylure kit was because I’m a big fan of the brand already – and I always turn to them when it comes to fake eyelashes so I thought it was a brand to be trusted. I selected the dark brown shade, but I’ve also seen that it comes in black too.


8 Steps for Tinting Your Brows at Home

Step 1 Do a patch test behind your ear at least 24hours before application, just to check you are not allergic.

Step 2 Apply Vaseline or another barrier cream around your eyebrows in the areas that you do not want to dye to prevent any mishaps (FYI, I actually skipped this step and just went for it! YOLO)

Step 3 Squeeze out 1cm of the colour cream into the plastic dish provided in the kit

Step 4 Add a few drops of the activator and mix together with a cotton bud or the brush provided

Step 5 Brush the mixture onto brows, being sure to coat all of the hairs

Step 6 Sit back and relax for around 10/15 mins while the colour sinks in

Step 7 Take a cotton pad soaked in water and gently wipe across the brows

Step 8 Enjoy your fabulous new brows!

Watch me tinting my eyebrows at home

Before you press play, I have a few disclaimers about the video. The reason I had to Google the application time is because I misplaced the instructions from inside the box (I promise they will be there to make your life easy). Also, you will notice that the brow ‘transformation’ in this video isn’t that spectacular… but I thought I would post it anyway as I hope it helps you with the method and general application process.


I hope you found this beauty blog post useful. You can buy the Eylure Dybrow Kit here. Let me know in the comments below if there are any other beauty topics you’d like me to cover

R x

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