I’m officially a blogger

At a time when everyone and their cat seems to be blogging, starting a blog would probably be a rather silly thing to do… and yet here I am! I know I’m jumping on the bandwagon unfashionably late, but thanks to the infinite nature of the internet, I’m hoping there’s still room out there for little old me to throw my twopenny worth in.

The first thing they tell you about starting a blog (when I say they, I’m referring to those other people who have already started blogging about blogging) is to make sure you find a niche. Tap into one specific interest, create a theme for your blog and run with it. Well, that’s exactly what I’m not going to do. The thought of having to constrain my writing to one topic would make blogging pointless for me. I’m not just a beauty addict or a bookworm or a seasoned traveller, I’m all three. And a lot of other things too…

So, just to recap. I’ve started blogging many years too late (Zoella hit the big time yonks ago) and I’ve completely ignored the first fundamental rule of blogging. Yup, it’s safe to say it’s going really well.

The main reason that I’ve been spurred on to create this blog is because I love writing. I’m currently a Features Writer at leading bridal magazine and I also take on freelance copywriting work and now I want to write for me. But, what actually made me start right now?

Well, the first spark of an idea came when I popped up an Instagram story about the amazing curling tong I use every time I style my hair and the next thing you know, my friend Amelia’s gone out and bought one for herself. My first thought was ‘wow, that’s so sweet that she took my recommendation’ and my second was ‘am I an influencer yet?’

The second shoutout goes to my pal Melanie. I was Tweeting away about  my fave toner and casually used #RachelRecommends and it was Mel who said, you could be on to something there. And well, here we are!

My blog, Rachel Recommends, will be anything I want to recommend. It could be a cool fitness class that I’ve tried out in London Town, or could be a red lippy that I’ve been obsessing over. Heading to my blog will be a bit like a lucky dip – you lucky, lucky people.

So, I guess that it. First post is done! I’m off to get a mocca-choca-soy-latte from Starbucks because that’s how all bloggers celebrate each upload, right?

R x

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