My Guide to London’s Best Pizzas


If I had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of my life and it would definitely be pizza. It’s a carb-tastic dinner that can be enjoyed at a fancy restaurant with a glass of vino or can be consumed at home in the comfort of your PJs – either way, utterly delicious. Here are the best places to go in London for a slice of the good stuff.

Pizza Pilgrims

This currently stands as my fave pizza in London Town! We ate pizza pilgrims at Swingers (crazy golf), but there are restaurants and pop-ups all over London. The bases are thin and tasty but with a fluffy stone-baked crust. Basically heaven on a plate (well, they actually get served in takeaway boxes, but still…).

Home Slice

I’d recommend going here just for the Instagram photo alone – the pizzas are hugeeeee! Case in point, see the image above. They suggest that you get one between two people – and the best part is that you can even mix and match toppings so that both of you can have exactly what you want.

Foodie finds: Best London restaurants

Franco Manca

Luckily for me, there’s a branch just around the corner from my flat, in Westfield, although I have to admit that I’ve also dined at the Covent Garden one. Yes, it really is good enough to warrant multiple visits! It’s a no-thrills pizza place with really affordable prices, so as long as you don’t mind drinking your wine out of a tumbler, then you’ll do just fine.

Luna Rossa

When our friends Dan and Liz came to London to visit, we wanted to take them somewhere nice for dinner. And what’s more impressive than a meter long pizza? So we headed to Luna Rossa in Notting Hill. These Instagram-worthy pizzas actually taste as good as they look too. I’d recommend stopping by their bar for an aperitivo pre-dinner to soak up the buzzing atmosphere as you wait in anticipation for your incredible pizza.

Luna Rossa

Fire and stone

If you want to go out, out for pizza then this is the place to go. It’s a bit more of a grown-up vibe ideal for a few glasses of wine and a pizza binge. I visited the one in Covent Garden and it has a lovely atmosphere in the evening. Plus, you’re surrounded by bars if you fancy heading somewhere afterwards.


Zia Lucia

With four outposts across London, if you’re lucky, you live near a Zia Lucia. I’ve been to the cosy restaurant in Hammersmith (which also serves up lovely wines to accompany your Italian feast) and I’ve most recently, ordered Zia Lucia through Uber Eats. Although I go for their traditional dough every time, it is kind of cool that they also offer gluten-free dough, wholemeal dough and charcoal dough (yes, not really sure I’d brave charcoal either). But honestly you will not be disappointed by the rich flavours of a Zia Lucia pizza. Heaven.

Santa Maria Pizzeria

One of those authentic pizza places that deserves the many accolades it has won. You’ll find the original Santa Maria Pizzeria in Ealing and when we visited we actually opted to dine in the pub next door as they work in conjunction with the pizza place.  My boyfriend Arthur went so far to say that it was one of the best pizzas he had ever had (even better than those in Italy!).

Made of dough

A few of my pals live near Peckham, so on a Friday evening, before we headed to the iconic venues of Franks and Peckham Levels, we headed here for a bite to eat, One of my friends is celiac, and the staff were really accommodating with  gluten-free options and the pizza was hella tasty!

Still on the pizza wish list:

Radio Alice

Yard Sale Pizza

I hope this blog post has grabbed a pizza your heart… (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

R x

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