Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make Right Now

Hey guys,

Disclaimer before I get stuck into my top tips for making some green changes in your life – I’m really not a saint when it comes to saving the planet – in fact, there are definitely some changes that I can make myself. But, where I can, I do my bit. I live by the motto “every little helps” (thanks Tesco). Here are the easy steps you can take right now…

Convert to plastic-free, recycled loo roll

It was at a fancy London gym when I first spotted this brightly wrapped loo roll, called Who Gives a Crap. It was the funky packaging that lured me in but I later found out the eco story behind it when I noticed it at my friend’s sister’s house. The premise is that the paper is recycled and there is no plastic packaging – also 50% of profits go to building toilets around the world. It does seem like a considerable chunk of money to spend on toilet roll (£24 for 24 or £48 for 36), but you do get a lot more paper on one roll than the usual supermarket stuff. Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment AND your bathroom will look pretty cute. However, as a writer and a stickler for grammar, it does pain me that there’s no question mark at the end of their brand name, but I suppose their response will be, who gives a crap?

And you can follow this link to get £5 off your first order!

Shop in vintage and charity shops

I vividly remember being a kid and cringing out so much whenever my mum would even glance into a charity shop window – thankfully the stigma of second-hand stuff has been banished – in fact, now it’s pretty cool to be seen repping vintage. London is full of really cool charity and vintage shops I’d highly recommend the likes of Oxfam and Traid for bargains and of course Brick Lane for vintage finds. I also regularly donate my clothes to charity and it makes me feel good that someone will get use out of my old clobber. 


Use a metal water bottle

An essential for any millennial anyway – I’m obsessed with stainless steel water bottles. I’ve got one for work, one for the gym and a few more floating around my cupboards at home just in case. It was good to see Glastonbury making the move to plastic free this year and I fully supported the move, taking my reusable bottle with me. However, side note for anyone that attended – they DEFINITELY needed more water stations, especially with the crazy heatwave. 


Use reusable tote bags 

Reusable bags are pretty commonplace now. In fact, it’s a modern-day tragedy when I rock up at the shops and realise I’ve forgotten my reusable bags. As well as being good for the environment and handy for carrying shopping, with so many to choose from, they are actually a fashion statement. Count how many Daunt Books bags you see in London Town for example.

Have meat-free Mondays

Okay, I’m not going to lie to you guys – this rarely actually happens on a Monday, but you get the gist, I just try and make a conscious effort to make more meat-free meals – usually by using Quorn. At this time, I can imagine me giving up meet altogether but it’s definitely something that I’m more conscious about and I’m more than happy eating veggie meals and meat-free alternatives more than ever. 

If you’re considering going that one step further and exploring veganism, I can highly recommend Simply Vegan magazine – my lovely friend Holly is the editor and it’s full of incredible recipes, products and advice! 


Choose biodegradable make-up wipes

Skincare is slowing making its way to being eco-friendly, what with the micro-bead ban and the soon to be make-up wipe ban. With that in mind, if you’re still addicted to a nightly face wipe to take off your make-up (guilty) then now there’s a greener option with Simple’s biodegradable cleansing wipes. Yes, they are pricer – but sometimes Boots have them on offer, so do keep an eye out.

I hope these simple switches have got you feeling inspired to be more green. Any other top tips? Comment below.

R x 

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