Why Having One Hairbrush is Not Enough

Hi my loves,

I started out my writing career working for a hair magazine – yes, the kind you used to find well-thumbed in many salons. My time on the magazine taught me many things. I learnt so much about editorial writing, but also about hair – and one of the things that has stayed with me is the fact that your hair needs more than one kind of brush. It’s the sort of thing you don’t buy very often and I’m sure many of you reading this have had the same trusty brush for years. But maybe now is the time to buy new. Here are the three different brushes that I use on my locks…

The Wet Brush

How many times have you pulled a brush through your wet hair to find it defiantly resisting, at the same time as thinking, “wow, this can’t be good for my hair”? Well, this genius brush means that you won’t have to suffer that any longer. It’s designed with bendy bristles that glide their way through wet hair, gently teasing out any knots. This is now the only brush I will use on my hair when it is wet – and trust me when I say, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Another top tip I always follow is to start brushing part way up the hair strand (rather than at the root) so that you don’t build up any further knots as you go. 

You can buy it here!

Philip Kingsley Radial Brush

My hair is naturally very straight and flat, so when blowdrying it, I try and inject a little volume. I find the best way to do this naturally, is with a round brush. By positioning underneath the hair and pulling slightly upwards at the root when I use my hairdryer, I get a nice little lift and I also use on the ends sometimes for a flick. And it is very handy for styling a fringe, as you can get the perfect sweep. There are so many different round brushes out there, and they are all pretty different in terms of bristles etc. The one I get on with the most is from Philip Kingsley as the bristles are a mixture of hard and soft so it grips my hair well. My hair is naturally quite slippery, so plastic bristles just slide on through with no friction. It is a bit of an investment, but I think it’s totally worth it.

You can buy it here!


A Paddle Brush

If I ever let my hair dry naturally, I’m a big fan of using a paddle brush to encourage my hair follicles to lie flat, resulting in smoother, shinier locks. Paddle brushes tend to work better on mid-long hair and the great thing is that they are simple to use. You can just glide in one motion from the roots to tips to get the smoothing benefits of the brush. Another time that paddle brushes come in very handy is to loosen up tight curls. Whenever I curl my hair (with my Paul Mitchell tong) I do the curls rather tight and then use my paddle brush to run over the hair, making the style into more wavy curls than perfect ringlets. Finish with hairspray and voila! 


So ladies, this is why you need more than one brush in your life. I hope you’ve enjoyed the top tips.

R x

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