Salon review: Chop Chop London

Hi guys and gals,

Back in June, I had 11 inches chopped off my hair for charity – here are the before and after pics if you want a nosey. So with my new(ish) midi style I was in desperate need of a fresh cut to bring back my blunt ends.

Instead of faffing around with expensive salons and weekly waiting lists, I decided to opt for Chop Chop London – a new salon concept I had seen on Instagram. Their premise is providing quick and easy haircuts without the fuss of a normal salon visit.

Calling it a salon review is a little weird because it’s actually just a stall/stand located in Westfield, as you can see from the photograph below. But don’t let the simplicity of it put you off, because that’s the best bit. Plus, because the shops are right there, it means you can treat you and your new ‘do to some swishy new clothes afterwards (bonus).


I made a same-day appointment online (you pay in advance) and arrived with freshly washed hair as directed. The friendly staff greeted me straight away and my styling session began bang on time. When the stylist whipped out her clippers I wasn’t quite sure what to do – run, cry, scream?! But instead I did what I usually do in an awkward and unknown situation, I sat perfectly still and let her get on with it…


But thankfully, she new exactly what she was doing with those chippers. She worked meticulously around the ends of my hair ensuring a perfectly straight line. And within around 15 mins, the chop was complete. Here is the finished look:


I know I didn’t go for a drastic overhaul but I’m so pleased with my beautifully blunt cut – and for £20 and under 20 minutes, you really can’t go wrong.

R x

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