My New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Hi guys,

Now the festive fun of Christmas is over, my attention has turned to the new year ahead. I only managed to stick to 2 out of 5 of my resolutions from last year, but despite that, I am still optimistic for 2020. Instead of launching into a crazy, pointless diet (I don’t believe in diets) or setting unrealistic goals, I’m going to be choosing easily achievable targets for myself. Here’s what the new year will bring for me:

Stop saying I’m busy

With a full-time job, my own blog, and a very important social life to up-keep, I do have very little downtime where I just chill and do nothing. I’ve even written a blog post about being busy. But, I need to realise that most of these plans are my CHOICE. So instead of wearing “I’ve been so busy” as a badge of honour (like most people do these days), I’m going to refrain from turning to the phrase “I’ve been busy” every time someone asks “how are you?”. Or, at least, I’m going to try to not say it in a negative way – as we all need to be grateful that we have lives filled with fun things to do!

Climb the stairs more often

I’m already pretty good at stomping up the tube escalators while people stand on the right, however when it comes to work I often find myself heading straight for the lift. Our office is on the 4th floor, so taking the stairs is do-able, but does leave me a little puffed out when I’m wearing my big winter coat and carrying my work bag. However, this coming year, I pledge to try and take the stairs as often as possible – because sometimes you really do need the lift!

Use more emojis

Inspired by my friend Monika, who is no stranger to the cowboy emoji, I got thinking that I would like to be more experimental with my emoji use. My go to options are of course the praying hands and the praise hands – oh and the speak no evil monkey! But below are just some of the super-cute emojis that I will be trying to use more of this coming year – so watch out on my Instagram.

Book an Airbnb

I can’t actually believe that this is the case, but I’ve never stayed in an Airbnb, so 2020 is the year! I’m going to trade a luxury hotel stay for a super-cute cabin or a hut in the woods – or even a city break with a prime-location apartment. If you guys have any epic Airbnb suggestions for UK breaks – please comment below.

Here’s to another fabulous year!

R x

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