17 Tips For Healthy Hair

If there’s one thing that I’m often complimented on, it’s my hair. Wow, even typing that sentence feels like I’m being big-headed (I’m so British). But, yes – my hair isn’t half bad. It’s long and it’s thick and those seem to be two things that people admire. Here are my top tips for keeping your locks healthy…

1. Use heat protector

I ALWAYS, without fail, use a heat protection spray when I’m using any kind of heat on my hair. Whether it’s a hairdryer, straightener or curling tong. Skipping this step will leave you with frizzy, dry and damaged locks.

2. Use hair masks

I’m a sucker for a good hair mask – and no self-care Sunday would be complete without one. If my hair is in need of a bigger moisture injection then I will leave the hair mask in for a few hours (or even overnight).

3. Know your hair type

Everyone’s hair is different – so what works for you make wreak havoc with someone else’s scalp. Knowing your hair type and choosing products accordingly will ensure your hair is always at its best.

4. Keep heat styling to a minimum

The pandemic has been a blessing for this step as there’s no need to frantically dry my hair before rushing out to work, instead I can just leave it to dry naturally as I sit at my desk in my house. I think reducing the heat you use on your hair can make a real difference to keeping it healthy. Why not try the dressing gown curls trick instead of heated tongs, for example?

5. Turn down the heat

If you really can’t avoid using an electrical tool to style your hair, just be sure to turn down the heat. Your straighteners do not need to be on 200 degrees – that will singe your locks!!

6. Add hair oil to your routine

Now the salons are closed and we are unable to get our ends trimmed, they can begin to look frazzled. Dry ends need taking care of or they will only get worse. I tend to use a hair oil to keep mine smoothed out. The night before hair wash day, I’ll add an extra slathering to the ends and then when I wash it, it feels miraculously soft.

7. Try a head massage

Now, bear with me on this… I know it’s a little odd… but basically I give myself a head massage before I wash my hair. This really helps to stimulate your follicles and promote healthy hair growth – and it actually feels kinds good – try it!

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8. Use a wet brush

To avoid my hair breaking and snapping when its wet, I always use a Wet Brush. Ever since I used one years ago, I’m a convert.

9. Dont fight with knots

Gentle brushing is key when it comes to looking after your locks. Always start from the lengths of your hair and brush any snags out slowly before sweeping all the way from root to tip.

10. Don’t overwash your hair

It’s not great for your hair if you wash it all of the time – I personally try and go 2-3 days in-between washes. In order to tide me over, I use dry shampoo and wear my hair in a ponytail or plait when it’s greasy. Less people will notice via Zoom!

11. Give your hair a cold blast

Although this tip won’t give you healthier hair, it will certainly give you the illusion of it! Boost your hair’s shine with a blast of cold air after every blowdry. Trust me, it works.

12. Wear fabric/non-metal hairbands

It’s been a while now since I switched to using scrunchies instead of standard hair bands to stop snagging, however, sometimes for exercise I do need the extra grip of an elastic – but I’ll always use the ones with no metal bits.

13. Work with your hair type

If you’ve been blessed with wild, bouncy curls and you’re always fighting with them to create a sleek style, then of course you are going to be putting more pressure on your hair and causing some level of damage. Try to work with your natural style, not against it.

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14. Always pat not rub

When you’ve just got out of the shower it can be so tempting to give your hair a good old rub with the towel to get out the heavy wet – but STOPPPPPP! Your hair is super fragile when wet and this will cause it to break – so always opt for a patting motion instead.

15. Don’t skip your trims

Yes, it can feel like a waste to fork out to have 1cm chopped off your locks, but honestly it is so worth it. Regular trims will keep split ends at bay and ensure your hair is healthy to the very tip. When the salons re-open, get booked in.

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16. Double shampoo

Now this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when my hair feels dirty I like to wash it twice with shampoo to really make sure it’s clean.

17. Keep dyeing to a minimum

Sorry to all of you hair dye junkies out there, but it’s not good for your locks. Stay your natural shade if you can or opt for ombre or highlights to lessen the amount of damage.

Thanks for reading!

R x

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