What It’s Like Being Locked Down With Your Parents

For lockdown numero uno I was living in London – and little did I know that I’d not be able to come back to Bristol to see my family for months on end. To say it was tough would be an understatement but regular phonecalls and teary Facetimes got us through. Fast forward to lockdown 3.0 and I was stranded in Bristol for it. Living back with my parents at the grand old age of 29 was interesting. I know lots of people considering moving back with their rents temporarily. Here’s what to expect if you ever do it…

  • You revert back a fair few years almost instantly. Well, I’ll ALWAYS be the baby of the family really.
  • You’ll almost certainly use up half of every weekend evening agreeing on what to watch on Netflix. With a lot of that time devoted to explaining how Netflix actually works. “How much does this one cost?”
  • You’ll feel a tiny weeny bit guilty whenever you choose to watch Netflix on your own in your own room.
  • You’ll have to get used to only asking to turn the heating on when you’ve fully exhausted the two jumpers, one dressing gown and fluffy slippers method first.
  • You’ll never go hungry again. I was catered for in every way imaginable. Favourite foods, best drinks, those brioche rolls I like with the chocolate chips in – the lot. Heavenly.
  • You’ll have to explain your meal choices should you wish to dine separately. “It’s pesto dad, PESTO!”
  • You’ll silently communicate via your bedroom door. If it’s open, come on in. If it’s ajar, enter with caution. If it’s shut, I’m busy. BUSY.
  • You’ll have to resort to shouting “I’m going to the gym now” to pre-warn them of the loud banging coming from the spare room thanks to your virtual HIIT class.
  • You’ll have to give sufficient notice of any ‘plans’ just to get them accustomed to the idea. A morning briefing about your 2pm Zoom call and 6pm run should do it.
  • You’ll feel like you have to justify a mid-week tipple, as if you’re not a fully fledged grown up.
  • You’ll notice that watching the news somehow doesn’t feel as bad with your parents around. Yes, there’s a deadly global pandemic but they’ll protect me, right?

R x

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