The Key To Finding Happiness During The Pandemic

Despite the downward trend in coronavirus cases and the gradual loosening of restrictions now underway, you are not alone if you’re still feeling down, unsettled and fed-up. I wanted to write this post to help you discover the best way to stay happy during “all of this”.

I was speaking to my bestie one day (virtually, obvs) and she turned around and said… “None of this has phased you, has it?” referring to me during the pandemic. And while, there were real lows – I got made redundant, I was separated from my family for many months, and then a close family member caught the dreaded virus – I still managed to stay pretty positive on the whole. So how?

Well, that was a question I actually had to ask myself at first. Then it dawned on me, one simple thing that I do to stay sane and content is finding something to do for myself each and every day.

This ‘something’ can be absolutely anything at all. If watching back to back episodes of the latest trash TV makes you happy, do it! Or if computer games are your thing, set time aside to play. For me it can be anything from an early morning workout class to sitting down to write a new blog post. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a list of things to do when bored at home.

Why is it important?

When you choose to do something that is totally for yourself it will give you a sense of contentment.

It is fair to say that work can seem all consuming during the pandemic – I think it’s because we don’t have fulfilled leisure time to balance it out. So, if when you close your laptop for the day, you turn your attention to something you want to do it will hopefully claw back some of that much-missed fun in your life.


Also, another factor is that spending this much concentrated time with the folks in your household can be intense, and finding your own passion project or simply having an hour to yourself will hopefully leave you feeling refreshed.

It sounds like super-simple advice, but trust me it really works. Even squeezing in time to read a few chapters of your book before bed will give you the small dose of joy you need right now!

R x

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