My 7 savvy money-saving tips for home interiors

Hey gang,

As you may know, we have recently moved flat. Well, when I say recently, we’ve actually been in our new pad for over a month now! But that has given me a bit of time to spruce the place up and make it our own. Whether you’re renting or you’re lucky enough to have bought your dream home, turning it into an Instagram heaven can cost less than you think! Follow these thrifty tips for amazing home interior on a budget.

1. Plant perfection
I have to start with my love of plants. Thanks to following feeds like @anitayokota and @theboholoft, it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with fabulous foliage. In general, plants are a really inexpensive way to liven up your space. I’ve managed to buy some beautiful plants from Ikea and Tesco and I’ve also bought a few bigger ones from local florists in West London. The main way to save dollars when purchasing plants is to get a relatively cheap plant, and pop it into a jazzy pot – it will instantly look more expensive! 

IMG_5518 2.jpg
Pretty plants brightening up my shelves

2. Wildcard shops
Don’t just stick to the usual home décor shops like B&Q, Homesense and M&S. Although, these trusty faves are great,  I’ve actually found incredible-looking homewares in Wilko, Matalan, Primark and even Poundland! Casting your net a little wider will also mean you don’t end up with the same products that everyone else has.

3. Second-hand star buys
After an hour wandering around a local vintage market, pining (excuse the wood pun) after a dining table we simply could not afford, I decided to check out Gumtree. That very day I managed to track down a wooden dining room table with two chairs, around the corner from our flat, for the bargain price of £20. I’m now frantically refreshing the site on a daily basis to find some bedside tables and a chest of drawers, too!

My bargain table and chairs


4. DIY projects
Especially when it comes to art work, DIY is a good way to go. If you have an ounce of creativity, you could try photography, painting or drawing to decorate your home. If you really aren’t arty, you could cut corners by framing wallpaper cuttings or postcards to make some statement wall art.
I’ve actually upcycled my bargain table and chairs and you can see the results here.


5. Charity shop shopping
When I was younger, I remember going red in the face and being utterly embarrassed if my mum would dare to stop and look into the window of a charity shop. Now you can’t keep me out of them! From vintage finds to quirky pieces, starting your décor search in a charity shop is not only super-savvy, but so much fun. 

This beautiful tapestry was £3 in a charity shop!

6. Mix and match
It’s important to know where to cut corners and where to splurge. For example, I purchased some beautiful prints from Desenio, but instead of buying the frames from there too, I had a look online to see if I pick up more affordable versions. Wilko answered by picture frame prayers and I picked up two large frames for just £8!

7. Discount seeking 
This goes for fashion as well as home décor – don’t order something online without checking if there’s a discount code available first, as this wise move can save serious pounds. As well as having a cheeky Google, Instagram is a great place to source a code as so many influencers are now in collaboration with brands. Keep your eyes peeled!

My leaf prints from Desenio with frames from Wilko

So, with these penny-pinching tips on-board, I hope you’re feeling inspired to get savvy with your home decorating. Any money-saving advice for me? Leave a comment in the section below.

R x

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