Ikea trip take 2: Come shopping with me

Hey hey!

The title of this blog, Ikea take 2, seems to suggest that the first attempt was a failure. But on the contrary. My first trip to Ikea since moving flat was such a success that I was itching to go again. I couldn’t convince my other half to come with me this time, but secretly I was quite glad to have all the time in the world to browse the wondrous aisles of this DIY/home décor mecca.

My main mission was to purchase a chest of drawers, which I did (yay), but inevitably I got very distracted by all sorts of other prettiness and left with a whole trolley full of stuff.

Here’s what I got up to:

Here are some of the lovely items that I bought this time:

Monochrome Cushion Cover, £4.50

Bedside drawers, £30

Round basket, £12

Aloe plant, £3

Storage box, £2

Pink duvet and pillow set, £15

Chest of drawers, £50

Thanks for reading/watching and I hope you enjoyed my latest Ikea haul.

Now I’m off to tackle those bedside cabinets…

R x

P.S before you go, how about checking out my budget decor tips?


5 Replies to “Ikea trip take 2: Come shopping with me”

  1. I have this basket too and have used it as a plant pot – I’m obsessed! Love all your picks, I am actually heading back there next weekend so I’ll probably buy way more than I need ahah x

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  2. Mine is currently storing my yoga mat and block but I do love the plant pot idea too!

    Ooooh, enjoy! Can’t wait to see what you get x


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