The Items I Never Fly Without

Hey gang,

I’ve been doing a little bit of travelling lately which got me thinking about my airport and in-flight essentials. I hope this handy list helps you on your own travels.

Travel wallet

A few years ago I bought a travel wallet. Firstly, because it looked nice (rose gold!) but secondly, because I thought it might be useful. And boy was I right. It’s soooo handy for keeping all of your documents, cards and money in one place. Now I’m no longer scrabbling around at the gate thinking “damn it, where did I put my passport?”.

Fluffy socks

Wearing comfortable clothes for flying is a must in that book – I always travel in flat shoes and lots of layers to ensure I’m always comfy. But one extra measure to ensure optimum comfort, especially on long haul flights, is taking fluffy socks in your bag. After take off, I kick off (okay, awkwardly remove) my shoes and pull on my warm, cosy socks.


I always take my Mac in my hand luggage because for me, quiet time on the plane is the perfect time to write. It’s also handy if you want to pre-download a movie or a show to keep you entertained. Just be sure to remember that you will have to take your laptop in and out your bag for security and for some countries you have to show that it can turn on – so always charge up!


Eyemask and earplugs

If you are going to try and sleep on the plane, these items are a must. The whirring of the engine, the bing of the attendant call bell and sometimes the growing hum of excited tourists can all be rather distracting when you are trying to sleep. To try and stay as zen and zoned-out as possible, I go for a luxurious eye mask and silicone ear plugs.


The air on aeroplanes is ultra drying and just the process of a short-haul flight can leave you feeling (and looking) dehydrated. As well as drinking plenty of H2O, I find a travel-sized moisturiser is a great way to combat any dryness. I select something like a Nivea or Simple one, that can be used on any part of the body. Sometimes just applying to your hands and face gives you a whole new lease of life.


USB phone cable

Now I have the iPhone XS, I don’t find the battery life too bad, but before that I did struggle with the fear of my phone dying while travelling. Carrying a USB cable is wise as some airports (and even planes) have the capacity for you to charge up. Or you can charge from your laptop should you get desperate.


Well, the number one reason for this is simple – because I love sweets. But, additionally, they are also much-needed when it comes to equalising your ears on take off or on landing. You can always guarantee I’ll have a packed something sweet for my travels.


Once you’ve ran out of downloaded podcasts or films, it’s time to appreciate the basics. I love nothing more than getting stuck into a great book for a few hours – and airports are also great places to pick up a wealth of magazines.

Boy voyage!

R x

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