I don’t give a…

Hey guys,

This week’s blog post is about learning to speak my own mind. I’m so painfully British that even if I dislike something, I’m afraid of speaking up. I have that inherent little voice that says “if you say that, you won’t fit in.” Meaning, I smile and nod a lot without saying how I really feel – for fear of ridicule or being the odd one out.

But since reading The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck (shout out to my bestie Chelsea for buying it for me!), I’m re-addressing my reluctance to say how I truly feel. Starting with this blog post. Here I’m going to list a bunch of things that some people care a lot about, that I happen to care very little for…

Harry Potter

When I was younger, my auntie bought me the books – and just like everyone else I was exposed to this other world of wizards and magic. But for some reason the spell didn’t work on me. I don’t want to read all of the books, I don’t want to watch the films and I definitely don’t want to spend 6 hours watching the live show – although hundreds and thousands of people seem to disagree.

Asian food

Is it just me or is everyone now obsessed with Asian food and my tastebuds just haven’t acclimatised? Every British pub seems to have a Thai restaurant and pho (no matter how you pronounce it) is seen to be the trendiest dish in town. I mean, I’m not dissing every single Asian meal ever – I went to Vietnam and I actually had some rather lovely dishes but I’d still choose a curry or a pizza over a noodle broth any day.

Drum and bass

When someone asks “what kinda music are you into?” I simply want to reply Beyonce. Okay, I don’t just listen to Crazy in Love on repeat (although it’s tempting), but that sums up the sort of music I like. 1. There are words I can sing along to. 2. There’s a beat I can dance along to. 3. It’s bloody brilliant. So I struggle to enjoy the monotonous drone of drum and bass, no matter how many tequilas I’ve had.


If you’re planning on inviting me to a cheese and wine party, rest assured that your camembert will remain untouched (I will however be the first to take you up on the offer of a glass of something sparkling!). I just don’t like cheese that much. Well, I’m happy to nail a pizza or tuck into enchiladas, but I’m not about that sorta-mouldy-very-smelly-eat-it-with-a-cracker kinda cheese. And cheese boards? Don’t even get me started…

Superhero movies

I’m not the biggest movie watcher in general. There are so many films still on my ‘to-watch’ list but I always seem to find something else to do. But bottom of my film list would probably be superhero films. Everyone seems to be obsessed with who’s going to be the next Batman or which marvel comic is going to be made into a film next and quite frankly I just don’t care. #SorryNotSorry

Fancy hot drinks 

From chai tea and hazelnut lattes to turmeric shots and mocha-choca-ding-a-ling-dong-drinks, I just can’t keep up with all off these different concoctions that coffee shops are touting now. And it gets even worse come Christmas time – no I don’t want to taste the flavours of a blended Christmas tree for six million calories. Just give me an English Breakfast tea and be done with it.

I feel so liberated now that my pet peeves and dislikes are out there in the world for all to see. No longer do I have to politely accept a sushi canapé or pretend I know the part in Harry Potter that someone is theatrically referencing. Well, I doubt I’ll respond with “I don’t give a…” but we shall see…

R x

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