How to Ace Your Primark Shopping

Hi gang,

If you’re a regular blog reader or follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I’m a bigggg fan of Primark. A.K.A Primarni. It is one of the first high street stores to pick up on trends and its super-affordable – what’s not to love?

But quite often when someone compliments me on my attire and I mutter the line “oh it’s from Primark” I get a shocked reaction. So here’s how uncover Primark gems that nobody will believe are actually from Primark…

Regular visits

Like anything in life that you want to master, you must put in the time and effort. You’ve heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, right? I mean, getting some good Primark bargains isn’t exactly becoming a chess champ, but the same principles apply! Popping into your local branch regularly will ensure you pick up on any new deliveries before they fly off the shelves. It will also allow you to navigate around the store with ease, making for a swifter shopping process. I know which fitting rooms are quieter and where to beeline to if I just need accessories, for example.

Early starts

If you’re an early riser just like me then this one won’t be an issue. Those who love your lie-ins? You’re going to have to learn to listen to your alarm. It makes SUCH a difference when you visit a Primark shop first thing compared to when you visit mid-afternoon during the mad rush. By 2pm, the tables of t-shirts resemble fabric mountains and there’s no chance that you will find your size on the correct hanger. You will also have to suffer the wrath of a gazillion other shoppers fighting for £3 earrings and £2 undies. Arriving in the morning, close to opening time is like having a VIP pass to bargain heaven. You can walk around freely, browsing at a leisurely pace. And, if you’re lucky, the queue will only take you 20 mins!


Try it on

The one downside when it comes to Primark clothes, I have to admit, is the fit. Because the garments are made cheaply, sometimes the quality of the finish in terms of fit misses the mark. For this very reason, trying things on while you’re in Primark is one of my top tips. Yes, you may have to add an hour onto your session to accommodate for joining the other basket-laden shoppers in the fitting room queue, but it will be worth it. And it will save you a trip back to process any returns.

Clue up on trends

As I mentioned, Primark is the best place for picking up brand new trends. For this reason, I would advise doing research before you step foot inside. Whether it is flicking through magazines, saving pictures on Instagram or browsing the high street, it is always good to have some fashion themes on your mind to guide your shopping. Otherwise, Primark can just feel like an overwhelming collection of clothes so it is good if you can narrow it down to desirable styles/patterns/colours.


Don’t delay

If you are deliberating over an item in Primark there is only one solution – buy it! And that’s not actually a rule I apply to shopping more generally, but here’s why it’s a must for Primark shopping… 1. It’s probably quite affordable 2. The returns policy is good should you wish to take it back and 3. It won’t stay in stock for long. Thinking you’ll be able to simply pop back to Primark to pick something up you’ve seen previously is a HUGE mistake. Get it before its gone!

Stock up

If you manage to find a good basic in Primark, it’s worth investing in a few of the same thing. If they have some extra colour ways, you could consider buying it in a different shade. The reason I would recommend stocking up is because, like I said before, Primark products don’t stick around for long. I’ve learnt that from the many times I’ve ventured back in to re-purchase something and I’ve been sorely disappointed. Check out these comfy loafers that I decided to pick up in cream and black…

Location, location location

Not all Primarks are created equal, and which one you visit makes a massive difference. I’m very lucky to have two in quite close proximity to where I live, so if I can’t find something in the Westfield branch, I can also pop to the one in Hammersmith to have a rummage. Also, the bigger the better when it comes to Primark – the one in Westfield is pretty big, but my mum declared she thought the one back in Bristol was even bigger and after a quick Google I can confirm she is correct! And of course, Birmingham is now home to the world’s largest Primark (one on my list to visit).

I hope these top tips will help you in your future Primark missions. Happy shopping!

R x

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